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STILLWATER, Okla. – The national online resource, eViticulture, offers the latest in science-based information for viticulturists.
G3 Enterprises has expanded its Mobile Bottling Division with the addition of three new bottling lines offering alternative packaging options, increased capacity and the first Bag-in-Box line in the United States.
SACRAMENTO, Calif.,-- Golden State Overnight (GSO) has announced availability of its Direct-to-Trade (DTT) overnight wine delivery program at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium. The DTT program augments GSO's highly successful Select Wine Service for Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) overnight wine deliveries in California, Nevada and Arizona.
Cincinnati, OH: Intelligrated®, a leading North American-owned automated material handling solutions provider, announces that it will feature its tilt-tray and cross-belt sorter offerings at ProMat 2011 (booth #2903). Now part of the company's IntelliSort® sortation product family, the tilt-tray (IntelliSort TT), double-tray (IntelliSort DT) and cross-belt (IntelliSort CB) sorters are engineered, assembled, controlled, installed and supported in North America by Intelligrated.
WOOD DALE, Ill. — The new enhanced Videojet® 2300 Series of large character ink jet printers from Videojet Technologies Inc. offers superior code quality and improved flexibility for easier production line integration and operation. The new Videojet 2340, 2350 and 2360 printers all feature Videojet’s patented automatic printhead micropurge. This feature provides automated micropurging of the printheads during operation, helping to eliminate frequent downtime, while maintaining high-quality printing, even in dusty environments. Videojet 2300 Series printers are the industry’s only large character high resolution ink jet printers that recycle and reuse ink used during automatic printhead micropurge.
GREENVILLE, N.C. – Yale Materials Handling Corporation has unveiled its next generation of agile, productive and ultra reliable electric lift trucks.
Press Release - Fairfield, CA – Winemakers from California to Pennsylvania are choosing Nanocork™ as their wine closure of choice because it offers a cost-effective and eco-friendly means to retain fresh fruit flavours and a long finish in white, rosé, and non-reductive red wines without concern about TCA contamination. An alternative to synthetic closures and screwcap, ACI Cork USA offers the innovative nanocork to the US market where it is currently used by Winterhawk, Roland Rosario, Big White House and Tamanend Wineries. The big Portuguese wine company, Avelada, uses nanocork for its vinho verde.
G3 Enterprises has expanded its Mobile Bottling Division with the addition of three new bottling lines offering alternative packaging options, increased capacity and the first Bag-in-Box line in the United States.
Davis Instruments today announced its new Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Module for Grapes, at the 2011 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, in Sacramento, California. The new software provides the final step in linking grape growers’ weather data to actual pest risk, giving them a powerful new tool in the battle against grape crop pest damage.
NAPA, CA (January 24, 2011) – SEGUIN MOREAU, the world's leading supplier of French oak wine barrels, today introduces ICÔNE, a revolutionary new scientific approach to barrel selection designed to ensure aroma and flavor consistency among some of the world’s top wines. 
FedEx is launching an overnight temperature controlled wine shipping solution for wineries in Northern California serving five hubs covering 70 percent of the country with delivery by 10:30 the next morning.
Since introducing the first eco-conceived wine bottle in North America just two short years ago, Verallia has sold over 180 million ECO SeriesTM bottles. Although the primary intent of the ECO SeriesTM bottle was to provide customers with a high quality bottle with less overall impact on the environment, over 300 environmentally conscious wineries are capitalizing on the sustainability characteristics of the bottle and widely-accepted marketing appeal the bottle has with consumers.
Tarpon Springs, FL— A-B-C has introduced a sweep-off style bulk depalletizer with special features to run reverse taper bottles and unstable lightweight containers, offering an economical alternative to lift-off depalletizers that were often required for these bottle styles. The Model 108 has unique features to maintain complete control of the bottles in each layer from the pallet through transfer, to laning, to ensure maximum bottle stability throughout depalletizing. Automatic layer squaring/stabilizing and tier sheet containment are additional standard features that ensure smooth performance for all bottle styles.
NAPA, Calif., -- Winemakers Cooperage (WC), established by Treasury Wine Estates in Cloverdale in 1999, has been acquired by Groupe Charlois (GC), the French producer of such notable brands as Saury, Leroi, Ermitage and Berthomieu. WC, with a current capacity of up to 33,000 barrels annually, has been producing French and American Oak barrels for various Treasury Wine Estates brands, including Beringer. Under the new owners, the cooperage will become a Treasury Wine Estates supplier, and joint research projects will continue.
Nomacorc, the world’s leading producer of alternative wine closures, is debuting its new, innovative, high-performance line of co-extruded closures – the Select Series – in the United States at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, Jan. 25-27 in Sacramento, Calif. Tailored to eliminate fault in winemaking and provide solutions for wines with complex oxygen management requirements, the Select Series consists of multiple products, each designed to play a specific role in post-bottling oxygen management, wine preservation and development. Nomacorc’s global research programs have revealed that the management of oxygen throughout the winemaking process is crucial to achieving optimal wine aroma, flavor, structure and color and that the closure directly affects the chemical and sensory development of wine. The first two products in the Select Series – the Select 700, available for delivery this month, and the Select 500, available in February – will make their U.S. debut at the Unified Symposium. In April, Nomacorc will launch the Select 300, followed by the Select 100 later in 2011. “We are excited for winemakers to experience firsthand how these closures integrate science and the art of winemaking,” said Malcolm Thompson, global vice president of marketing and innovation at Nomacorc. “The Select Series provides winemakers with closures that expand and extend the existing range of oxygen transfer rates available through Nomacorc products, with a visual appearance and texture almost indistinguishable from natural cork.” The first synthetic closures that can be end-printed, the Select Series corks have a natural bark-like roughness and chamfered edge achieved using advanced cutting technology. Both the Select 700 and Select 500 are available in 38, 44 and 47 mm lengths in a natural wood-grain finish.


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