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Lechler Inc.’s Gyro Tank Cleaning Nozzle is their largest free spinning model and is designed to clean medium to large size tanks from 10 to 20 feet in diameter. It is the high capacity work horse of the Lechler tank cleaning product line. This long-lasting nozzle is built from FDA-compliant 316 grade stainless steel material and contains PTFE bearings, which are easily-replaceable and can further extend its service life. With its higher flow capacities, the Gyro can effectively clean while operating at lower inlet pressures. The combination of the Gyro’s flow capacity, free spinning design, and movement and impact of the cleaning fluid creates an efficient cleaning process for tanks used in such applications as grain processing, ethanol production, chemical storage, headbox cleaning in paper machine production, and brewery processing. The self-lubricating and self-cleaning nature of the free spinning Gyro makes it an excellent candidate for CIP processing. The Gyro has proven its effectiveness over decades of use in countless tank cleaning applications.
Nomacorc, the global market leader in the alternative wine closure category, today announced the market introduction of the NomaSelector™, an innovative software tool that uses a scientific model to recommend a closure tailored for a specific wine.
Vin65, the leading provider of wine ecommerce, announces the launch of their Facebook ecommerce app for wineries. The Facebook app allows visitors to view and purchase wine on a winery's fan page without leaving Facebook.
Guala Closures continues to expand in the wines and spirits closures market. The Group, worldwide leader in the production of non-refillable closures and aluminium screwcaps for the international wine and spirits industry, has just completed its purchase of a 70% stake in Polish aluminium drinks closures manufacturer DGS from the Polish Enterprise Fund VI, L.P.
Iowa Falls, Iowa--Agri-Pro Enterprises introduces the Double-Mist sprayer, perfect for the horticultural market. The unique double action trigger of our Double-Mist Sprayers delivers two sprays with every squeeze, which makes it different from all other sprayers on the market. Unique double action trigger delivers two sprays with every squeeze. Continuous output saves time and effort. Easy to squeeze, resulting in no hand fatigue. Durable spray head resists acids and disinfectants. Nozzle can be adjusted to give a spray from a super-fine mist to a powerful jet stream for sprinkling or spraying. Perfect for greenhouses, gardens, terraces and balconies. Ideal for tending indoor plants, spraying, foliar fertilizing, making leaves luster and more. All Double-Mists have inline filters and a balanced shape for stability.
Lincoln, Neb.--Buyers save both time and money by buying equipment on, online auctions for farm and construction equipment, trucks and trailers.'s user-friendly interface makes finding equipment and placing a bid easy and hassle-free for the buyer. Auctions end every Wednesday on, so whenever there is a need, there is a fresh selection of machinery to bid on. To further the buying experience, the mobile application allows buyers to place bids from anywhere with a smart phone. Bidders can also receive mobile text or email alerts when proxy bidding and live bidding opens for equipment of interest, as well as outbid and end-of-auction notifications. Bidding on equipment has never been so easy!
Phyterra Yeast Inc. (“the Company”) is pleased to report that Lacon GmbH has renewed the Company’s organic certifications for its wine yeast products. This reaffirms and ensures that Phyterra’s wine yeasts are acceptable for use in organic wine production under both National Organic Program (“NOP”) USDA and European Commission Organic (“White Leaf” symbol) regulations. Phyterra’s wine yeasts have also been accepted and registered with California Certified Organic Farmers (“CCOF”) as organic wine yeast.
Cincinnati, Ohio—SMART Papers has re-engineered and expanded its premium high-gloss, cast-coated Kromekote Label papers brand and is now introducing the comprehensive product line to label printers and converters across North America and Europe.
Saratoga Springs, NY--TandD Corporation has introduced its NEW RTR-505Pt Wireless Temperature Logger. This new unit is compatible with Industry Standard 3-Wire Pt-100 Sensors and accepts the Industry Standard 3-Wire screw terminal attachments.
Kennewick, WA - Vintners Logistics announced today that they have broken ground on a new, state-of-the art, 80,000 sq. ft. distribution center to serve their clients through warehousing, transportation, and value-added services for the wine and food processing industries.
CTR, also known as Cooling Tower Resources, has been expanding its manufacturing base across many different industries. Recently, CTR was asked by J Vineyards and Winery to manufacture new commercial riddling racks to be used in their sparkling wine production.
Press Release: NAPA, Calif. – In a wine industry first, Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) is rolling out a new mobile vineyard management tool in the U.S. that revolutionizes the company’s ability to create quality wines while controlling costs in its vineyards.
Napa Valley, September 19, 2011 – The Napa Valley Destination Council (NVDC), the official marketing organization for Napa Valley tourism, has announced that it has selected VinoVisit™ as its designated winery tour, tasting, and event-booking tool. The VinoVisit tool is available on the NVDC’s website, and at its new Napa Valley Welcome Center at 600 Main Street in Downtown Napa.
ETS Laboratories, the world’s leading independent laboratory serving the global wine industry, now offers Lodi area wineries and growers convenient access to its fast and accurate services through a partnership with Estate Crush, Lodi’s only dedicated custom crush winemaking facility. ETS Laboratories and Estate Crush are teaming up to offer Lodi area wineries and growers a local location for their immediate analytical needs. The first step in the ETS-Estate Crush long-term relationship is a drop location at the Estate Crush facility at Two West Lockeford Street in Lodi, with plans to create an on-site laboratory. “With the explosive winery growth in the Lodi area in the last 15 years, there is a great opportunity for ETS in the Lodi market,” explained Gordon Burns, president, ETS Laboratories. “For the last 30 years, ETS Laboratories have been working with winemakers all over the world, helping them craft the world’s finest wines. The ETS partnership with Estate Crush gives Lodi area wineries and growers easy access to the technical staff at ETS who not only perform analyses to the highest possible standard, but also work with all clients to interpret the results.” During harvest, samples can be dropped off at Estate Crush for courier transport to ETS Laboratories/St. Helena, free of charge, on Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Results are returned same day for routine analyses on samples dropped at Estate Crush by 11:00 a.m. Monday – Friday. Consult the ETS Website for lists of same day analyses and other sample turnaround information. Samples can also be dropped off on Saturdays 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., with transport to ETS and results available on Monday. All samples will be maintained in a temperature?controlled environment to protect their integrity. "Klinker Brick Winery relies on ETS Laboratories for its reliable, certified results and we look forward to their presence right here in Lodi," said Steve Felten, owner, Klinker Brick Winery. "As we started to grow the Klinker Brick brand, we knew one of the key issues for success was consistency and the analyses that ETS provides allow us to maintain the highest levels of quality control in our production." ETS Laboratories’ Lodi presence is designed to meet the demand of Lodi and surrounding area wineries and growers, specifically focused on Estate Crush’s core business of serving boutique wineries producing high?end, handcrafted wines. “The ETS reputation for accuracy and quality results speaks for itself; however, it’s how they help you understand and interpret what the numbers mean that is the real benefit and why they are number one,” said Bob Colarossi, owner/managing partner, Estate Crush. “Building off our recent addition of a second 3,000 square foot climate controlled barrel room, we are pleased to provide Estate Crush clients access to ETS’ analytical services and feel that this partnership is a great addition to Estate Crush’s turnkey solution for boutique wineries.” About ETS Laboratories ETS was established in 1978 by Gordon and Marjorie Burns in the basement of their Main Street home. As the wine industry developed in size and complexity, ETS responded by investing in modern equipment and facilities and by hiring highly trained technicians and researchers. As ETS grew, the company constantly developed new methods of analysis and introduced many new technologies to the wine industry. Whatever the innovation, winemakers saw it first at ETS. At ETS, accuracy is more than a virtue—it is a passion embraced by our entire staff. Our clients have always wanted fast and accurate results, so ETS is dedicated to strong quality control programs in order to meet these goals. In 1997 ETS became the first ISO ? accredited independent laboratory serving the wine industry. The ISO 17025 standard requires internal and external audits of methods, systems, training and results. It is different from most ISO accreditations in that it measures performance and competency, not just record?keeping. Today ETS is one of the most advanced wine analysis laboratories in the world. About Estate Crush Founded in 2009, Estate Crush is Lodi’s first dedicated custom crush facility for premium wine production. The state-of-the-art, 16,000 square foot Estate Crush facility is specially designed for small to medium lot, hand?crafted luxury wines, and is supported by a highly trained and experienced winemaking staff. Specializing in hand?crafted lots from one?quarter barrels for individuals up to 20-ton lots for boutique wineries, Estate Crush works with each client to produce finished wine to their exact specifications. For more information, visit  
SalesPros, a marketing services company specializing in brand communication for wine, beer and spirits companies, now offers its in-store demonstration services to any wine, beer or spirit brand wishing to build or maintain a strong retail presence. Founded in 2004, SalesPros excels at merchandising, pouring, hand-selling and sharing compelling brand messages direct to consumers at retail.
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