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WineBid.com, Napa, CA, the premier Internet auction of fine and rare wines, has just released a redesigned website. WineBid.com has improved and enhanced the site making it even easier to buy and sell wine on the Internet. Here are just a few of the enhancements:
Britton Design, Sonoma, CA, recently completed the brochure design for "Out in the Vineyard", a wine country tour and event company promoting positive LGBT lifestyles and offering exclusive, luxury itineraries and events to gay and lesbian travelers.
New Holland, Boone, IA has released one new and one refurbished spreader – DuraTank™ and HydraBox™. New Holland's DuraTankTM side-delivery spreaders have been redesigned with more capacity and more heavy-duty strength. These spreaders feature a right-side discharge and easily handle a wide variety of material, including sand-laden slurry, pen pack, biosolids and poultry litter. The overshot expeller provides a fine spread pattern with precise application control-from light top-dressing to heavy spreading-for optimal utilization of nutrients reducing fertilization costs.
Sonoma Wine Company Partners with MÁS Wine Co. to Provide Keg Service to Contract Clients
IBG, Napa, CA, the leading provider of direct sales technology and services to the wine industry and the industry’s only fully integrated direct-to-market solution, announced that it has acquired Call for Wine, Inc., the leading provider of telesales programs and services to wineries for increasing direct-to-consumer sales. Call for Wine works with leading wineries to develop proactive strategies for growing their direct-to-consumer businesses, delivering high value wine sales and superior customer service.
Following an increasing number of observations in various wineries around the world in recent years, it is now clear that, similarly to the well-known phenomenon in corks, there are several sources of unpredictable contamination of oak wood by 2,4,6-trichloroanisole (TCA). TCA from the wood then contaminates wine aged in new barrels, giving it an extremely unpleasant, musty "cork taint" and polluting the entire blend unless it is detected at a very early stage!
Heritage Barrels, Napa, CA, announces that it has been named the exclusive North American representative of Oenotan Sélection, the only water-soluble oak extract available for wine and spirits production. This 100 percent organic, preservative-free product enhances red, white and sweet wine, as well as port and dark spirits, by neutralizing “green” flavors, dry tannins from older cooperage and post-fermentation earthy aromas.
A&J Vineyard Supply, St. Helena, CA, is now supplying the Olive Orchard industry with quality trellis materials & installation at very competative rates. For our vineyard partners, we have added a more extensive line of tying supplies this year, including a pre-cut 4" twist tie and a photodegradable tie in a 200 M roll for use in automatic tying machines.
Caliber WinePak, Benicia, CA, conveys a “Sustainable Certificate” message to wineries to use Verallia’s ECO SeriesTM bottles in their tasting rooms; it has proven to be a very visible way for wineries to show their consumers support for sustainability. ECO bottles are produced domestically and reduce the overall carbon footprint, more so than traditional wine bottles. They are produced using 50% recycled glass; manufacturing energy consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced by 21%. New items were added to the ECO line - four Stelvin® finished bottles, in both mid push and full push up style, along with a tapered bottle.
Toulouse, France (August, 2010) – O2inWines™, the international association of oxygen management in wines, welcomes its 18th member, Consorzio Tuscania (www.consorziotuscania.it), a group of 13 major wine companies from Tuscany, Italy. 
Process Pigging Systems, Cincinnati, OH, has added several new sizes of bi-directional pigs for the cleaning of sanitary tube process pipelines. Constructed of FDA approved, medical grade silicone, these durable pigs can be used with pipelines of 1-inch, 1 ½-inch, 2- inch, 3-inch, 4-inch and 3-inch schedule 10 pipe. They achieve product recovery rates of 99+%, and being flexible, can negotiate 90 degree 1.5 diameter elbows. They can be steam cleaned to over 120º C between batches without degradation. PPS Pigs are ideal for wineries and bottling plants. Also introduced were new Pig Detectors - used to detect pigs used for the cleaning of pipeline systems. With a non-intrusive magnetic sensor and with no mechanical parts, these are ideal for wineries.
Sunridge Nurseries, Bakersfield, CA, Deep Root Green pot promotes proper root orientation, allowing the roots to descend to the bottom of the pot in a straight fashion. The ribs in the side of the pot point the roots downward towards the large opening at the bottom of the pot, which allows for “air pruning.” This process encourages roots to branch up above repeatedly, and prevents root balling at the bottom. The downward orientation of the roots promote the plant to excel after field planting, becoming mechanically strong and stable.
TCW Equipment, St. Helena, CA, recently added a complete semi-auto monoblock to its product line for an economically-friendly price. Our semi-auto lines bottle 20-65+ cases an hour. Bottling lines include rinsing, sparging, filling with inert gas injection, vacuum corker, pneumatic foil spinner, and semi-auto labeler. 220v single phase electrical power, 80 PSI compressed air, and 15 PSI inert gas are required. All mounted on heavy duty 304 stainless steel table with casters, 120” wide x 32” deep x 87” high.
Terminal B carries the Vitro seal • A major part of its modern and spacious installations include different glass types supplied by Vitro, installed by Vidrios y Cristales Ontiveros, and processed by Vidrio Bisel. • The new Terminal B at the International Airport in Monterrey will be able to handle more than 2 million passengers a year. San Pedro Garza Garci?a, Nuevo Leo?n, Me?xico, August 31, 2010 –Programmed to be inaugurated on September 1 the new Terminal B at the Monterrey International Airport has the capacity to process more than two million passengers per year.
Wine Preserva®, Melbourne, Australia, introduces an In-The-Bottle wine preservation solution for opened bottles of wine. Wine Preserva is a food grade poly disc that is easily inserted into an opened bottle of wine and keeps it fresh for five to ten days. Scientific studies show that WINE PRESERVA is up to ten times more effective than vacuum pumps for keeping your wine fresh for every glass. It is now used in over 1500 wine bars and restaurants in Australia and is quickly being adopted for home use as folks want to open more bottles of wine and keep them fresh for several days.


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