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Cellarpass, the reservation system for booking winery tours and tastings online, has announced it has entered into a partnership with Elypsis to enhance its web-based reservation service with the Elypsis Retail ReservationIntegrator. Winery customers who use the popular Microsoft Dynamics RMS Point of Sale (RMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems will now have instant access to consumer-related reservation details from Cellarpass. 
Sebastopol, CA--American Winesecrets, LLC. (Winesecrets), North America’s leading mobile wine filtration company, announced a strategic relationship with Separator Technology Solutions, US Inc. (STS) to supply mobile centrifuge technology to wine producers. Available in September, Winesecrets will begin with two skid mounted STS 45 High Performance Clarifiers available on the west coast.
WineWeb.com expands its mobile offerings with the addition of its winery tour planning tool into Mobile WineWeb. The winery tour planner now includes optimized tour routes and driving directions in addition to the appointment scheduling and winery research tools. The winery web app tool supports iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and Android™ mobile devices. "The WineWeb winery tour planning tool allows a person to research wineries in a region, plan winery visits, schedule winery tour appointments, then create turn-by-turn driving directions to each winery," states Ron Kreutzer, Founder and President of WineWeb Enterprises, Inc. "We continue to expand and enhance our mobile winery search tools to support new platforms and additional features," continues Kreutzer.
Pope Vessels and Integrated High-Purity Processing Systems are utilized in production and pilot plants for processing high-value products such as beverages, pharmaceuticals, intermediates, biomaterials, foods, extracts, fine chemicals, etc. Vessel sizes range from 4 to 400 liters. Emphasis is in design flexibility to suit specific applications. Highest quality materials, welding, and finishing assure integrity and validation in sanitary and ultra high purity applications. Vessels meet A.S.M.E. and FDA requirements, and can be designed for CIP and SIP duty. In addition to processing vessels, several other offerings vary from simple off-the-shelf storage or shipping containers to turnkey controlled feed systems, blenders, reactors, fermenters, nutsche filter/dryers, etc. Options include pressurizable stirrer assemblies, recirculating/dispensing pumps, heating/cooling systems, load cell scales, probes, valves, gauges, filters, complete instrumentation, a variety of finishes and materials, and many more. Shown: pharmaceutical homogenizing system with dual mixers, weighing load cells, pressurizable feeder, instrumentation. Contact Pope Scientific, Inc., P.O. Box 80018, Saukville, WI 53080. Ph: (262) 268-9300; Fax: (262) 268-9400.
IBM and the Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA), which supplies water to more than 600,000 people, have teamed up to address the pressing problem of water management in the heart of Northern California’s wine country.
Wine Management Systems, creators of one of the first complete winery software solutions that operates entirely in the “cloud” of the internet, announced today that changes to the software make it compatible with the new iPad from Apple Computer.
Kubota Tractor Corporation, Torrance, CA, announces the arrival of its new, eagerly awaited, compact track loader series, with the introduction of the 75-horsepower SVL75 and the 90-horsepower SVL90 models. Powered by efficient Kubota engines, the new compact track loaders are all-Kubota designed, engineered, and manufactured to deliver exceptional reliability, durability and quality that operators have come to expect from Kubota. "The addition of the compact track loaders to the Kubota product line, at selected Kubota dealers, offers customers an efficient, rugged, highly maneuverable track loader that only Kubota could make," says Greg Embury, Kubota vice president, sales and marketing. "The Kubota track loaders are different from our competitors because they are created exclusively from Kubota engineered and manufactured components in a specific track loader design. The SVL75 and SVL90 models offer customers a new dimension in Kubota quality and versatility to add to their equipment selection. Kubota is involved in each and every aspect of these machines, and we are proud of what these compact track loaders can deliver to our customers in terms of machine quality, innovation and value."
Winesecrets, LLC, North America’s leading mobile wine filtration company, announced a strategic relationship with Separator Technology Solutions, US Inc. (STS) to supply mobile centrifuge technology to wine producers. Available in September, Winesecrets will begin with two skid mounted STS 45 High Performance Clarifiers available on the west coast.
Amcor Flexibles, Inc., American Canyon, CA, previously known as Alcan, is providing APA caps for still beverages in glass bottles that are composed of two main materials: a skirt material, a top disc. As an option an easy opening tearoff strip (tircel) can be added. Amcor provides these three specifications to converters who print the skirt materials prior shaping of the caps. A large number of specifications are available for low costs drinks as well as for premium wines. Packaging process Skirt material is printed first or coloured only. After this a section of material is punched out. Tircel strip is heat sealed inside the skirt material which is then formed around a core, sealed, and top disc is heat sealedon top of the caps. Properties • Skirt material is delivered with pre-lacquer adapted to printing technology (flexo or rotogravure) and inks (nitrocellulosic or vinyl) • Skirt material available with both sides glossy or one side glossy and other side matt • Large number of skirt specifications available according to bottle neck shape, rigidity requirements etc. • Tircel material also available with PET film (outside or inside) • Easy tearing of the caps when pulling the tear-off strip Applications All kind of still beverages in glass bottles: wines, spirits etc. Markets Technical and Industrial Products, Beverages, Capsules
Bird Gard is offering a new Wireless Super PRO. The SuperPRO/ Transmitter broadcasts up to 1000 ft in all directions. Each 4 speaker/Receiver covers up to 6 acres. One transmitter can transmit to 8 receivers for up to 48 acres of bird control. Available at a discount from JWB Marketing. For more information, please visit www.birddamage.com.
CorkWest has developed a one-of-a kind twin disc cork. This cork combines the appearance of current 1+1 corks available with a clean, dense, micro granule technology.
To meet rising demand and continue to keep quality at the fore-front, Gusmer Enterprises undertook one of its biggest expansions in the last 25 years, in late 2009. This expansion was focused on its quickly growing line of fermentation nutrients, MicroEssentials™. The expansion, which took the better part of six months is said to have increased Gusmer’s nutrient production capacities by more than 200%. The expansion included new production and packaging equipment to further automate and streamline the process. Most importantly, this expansion included Gusmer’s tablet line, which supports its tablet form, time-release nutrients MicroEssentials Complete-TR and MicroEssentials Boost-TR. Not only is the time-release aspect of these products a revolutionary change to how traditional nutrient additions are made, it is also a much more efficient way of dosing nutrients. “Everyone knows that sequential nutrient additions are the best way to feed fermentations,” says Lars Petersen, Technical Director for Biological Products. “Complete-TR and Boost-TR use time-release technology to allow winemakers to make a ‘sequential addition’ in one dose.” The steady level of nutrient application from Complete-TR and Boost-TR bring steadier fermentations as well as fewer cases of off characters such as H2S. Gusmer Enterprises, Inc. has served the wine industry for over 85 years and is proud to continue to be one of the only US manufacturers of fermentation nutrients.
To complete its range of specific nutrients and to respond to market trends that tend towards more natural inputs derived from grape or wine constituents, LAFFORT has developed Nutristart® OrganiQ, a complete and complex nutrient for alcoholic fermentation in wine.
For your next harvests, LAFFORT offers Zymaflore AlphaTD n.sacch, a non-Saccharomyces yeast from the Torulaspora delbrueckii species: genuine expression of yeast biodiversity. Torulaspora delbrueckii, a species initially present in natural bloom flora, is a non-Saccharomyces yeast with no organoleptic defects, helping, in association with a S. cerevisiae, to restore yeast complexity during pre-fermentation and fermentation phases, producing richer wines from a sensorial perspective and ensuring fermentation safety.
Lechler Inc.’s Gyro Tank Cleaning Nozzle is our largest free spinning model and is designed to clean medium to large size tanks from 10 to 20 feet in diameter. It is the high capacity work horse of the Lechler tank cleaning product line. This long-lasting nozzle is built from FDA-compliant 316 grade stainless steel material and contains PTFE bearings, which are easily-replaceable and can further extend its service life. With its higher flow capacities, the Gyro can effectively clean while operating at lower inlet pressures. The combination of the Gyro’s flow capacity, free spinning design, and movement and impact of the cleaning fluid creates an efficient cleaning process for tanks used in such applications as grain processing, ethanol production, chemical storage, headbox cleaning in paper machine production, and brewery processing. The self-lubricating and self-cleaning nature of the free spinning Gyro makes it an excellent candidate for CIP processing. The Gyro has proven its effectiveness over decades of use in countless tank cleaning applications.


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