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Rhino Industrial™, San Diego, CA, a division of Rhino Linings Corporation, introduces its new hybrid, aliphatic polyurea coating solution featuring a rapid cure capability allowing a return-to-service time of one day. Additionally, FastFloor™ can be easily applied with a hand-roller, brush or squeegee.
StandardKnapp, Portland, CT, recently introduced its continuous motion Tritium™ Multipacker, which uses single, double and triple lane configurations to arrange products in compact patterns for wrapping in film. The new multipacker’s patented RoboWand™ wrapping feature can be positioned at any point in space above the conveyor and moved to exactly the right place to package a particular desired pack pattern.
Vintegrate, a division of KLH Consulting, Santa Rosa, CA, has released new winery software that will support various operations within a winery--including tasting room, wine club, wine production and accounting--all in one solution. Vintegrate is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 6.0 and integrates with a variety of POS, Wine Club and E-Commerce providers. For more information, please visit the Vintegrate website at www.vintegrate.com or call (707) 575-9986.
Capabunga! is a new reusable silicone capsule for a wine bottle that is about to hit the market. It’s made to resemble the bungs used in winemaking and will fit on most standard wine bottles.
Columbia, MD -- Consumers are beginning to realize that the products they use leave a lingering “environmental footprint”. They are not simply receiving this message from fringe groups like the so-called “tree huggers” but rather from mainstream media citing real-world examples of successful corporations like PepsiCo, Kraft Foods, 3M, Abbott, Dow Chemical, Johnson & Johnson, and Procter & Gamble which have already implemented far reaching sustainability measures. This trend is apt to continue with more and more companies, either voluntarily or under market and regulatory pressures, implementing sound sustainability systems and procedures – the integration of social, environmental and economic considerations into product, process and energy systems’ design as well as the consideration of impact over the complete product and process lifecycle. Having installed thousands of environmentally friendly process plants and systems, GEA Process Engineering is uniquely positioned to help companies meet their sustainability goals and objectives. To further emphasize our commitment to green (sustainable) engineering projects, GEA Process Engineering Inc. has created a multi-disciplined task force to efficiently and effectively handle all facets of your project. Our approach is designed to help you turn sustainability challenges into a competitive business advantages through: • Feasibility studies • Site surveys • Process audits • Conceptual designs • Detail engineering • Utility studies and calculations • Project budgeting and scheduling • Project management, equipment delivery and commissioning The following are examples of typical sustainability issues that GEA Process Engineering has successfully addressed through our extensive process know-how and renowned engineering excellence: • Reduced chemical and water consumption • Water and wastewater treatment • CIP (Clean In Place) chemical recovery using membrane filtration • Reduced effluent and emission • Minimized rework due to consistent product quality • Reduced energy consumption § through heat recovery networks § through equipment & high efficiency motors/drives § through efficient pipe and tank insulation § through efficient heat transfer systems • Increased yield through product recovery • Recover by-products in effluents as a marketable product • Energy optimization • Electron beam sterilization of flat and sport caps (instead of harmful chemicals and vast quantities of rinse water) • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) solutions • Flue gas desulphurization through spray drying absorption • Installation of advanced automation systems to boost production efficiency, product traceability and enable repeatability For further information about our green processing solutions please contact or visit www.niroinc.com: Bruce Blanchard, Sales Manager, bruce.blanchard@geagroup.com, (715) 386-9371
GREENVILLE, N.C.  – The gold standard of dependability has been raised. Yale Materials Handling Corporation has improved its Veracitor® VX truck series with a choice of engine options designed to deliver maximum performance with low fuel consumption, minimal noise and reduced maintenance and operating costs. The series also offers a maintenance-free, built-in, patented-design stability system. The Yale® Veracitor VX trucks’ lifting capacity ranges from 3,000 to 19,000 lbs. and offers both cushion and pneumatic tire classes.
Gusmer is excited to announce the launch of their latest addition to the MicroEssentials Fermentation Nutrients line. The new product, dubbed Prime by the researchers that created it, is a unique solution to an already solved problem in the wine industry.
Napa CA – Neocork, a leading supplier of wine closures based in the Napa Valley, has announced that it has been acquired by Tasz, Inc, an internationally-known producer of state of the art polymers and plastics who has been a supplier to Neocork for many years.
Earth & Turf Products LLC introduces three new easy to install clamp-on snow blades for Compact Tractors. The SC series available in a 60” and a 72”, wide 19.5” high blade designed for compact tractors under 35 hp. The S series is a 90” wide 26” high, clamp-on blade for tractors 35hp and over. All three are full featured blades with manual angle 30 degrees left or right, full blade spring trip that can be locked out for light grading jobs and bolt on reversible cutting edges to save money.
Grape growers now have four insecticides for control of European grapevine moth (EGVM). Dow AgroSciences received registration from U.S. EPA and California Department of Pesticide Regulation for Intrepid®, Delegate®, Success® and Entrust® insecticides for use in grapes to control this invasive pest.
San Luis Obispo, CA – E P Aeration, the leader in sub-surface aeration and water quality management systems, announced the completion of its state-of-the-art wastewater treatment system at Niner Wine Estates, based in Paso Robles, CA. Engineered by Air Diffusion Systems (ADS) of Gurnee, IL, the aeration system is the first of its kind in the wine industry, and is designed to drastically reduce the liabilities and environmental impacts associated with typical onsite winery and agricultural wastewater treatment systems. “EP Aeration’s ADS wastewater treatment system fits perfectly into Niner Wine Estate’s environmental ethic and has helped us score points towards LEED certification,” said Tom Bower, an engineer and representative of Niner Wine Estates, a super-premium winery located on Hwy. 46 West in Paso Robles. “We expect to get certified by the end of 2010 which will make us amongst the first wineries in the state to achieve LEED certification.” “It’s an added bonus that Pacific Gas & Electric is going to rebate a portion of the equipment cost via their Savings By Design program, and we’re saving about $17,000 per year on energy costs.” Unlike surface aerators which “beat” oxygen into the surface of the water, the ADS air diffusers utilized by EP Aeration are bottom-laid, fine-bubble systems which move water from the bottom of the treatment lagoon to the surface, where additional oxygenation takes place. Its fine bubbles not only move the water vertically through the water column, but provide the highest oxygen transfer rates in the industry and oxidize organic wastes as they rise. E P Aeration is the exclusive distributor for ADS systems and engineering in the State of California. The result is high-quality water that is guaranteed to be odorless and meet state mandated water quality requirements while operating at 25% of the electrical requirements of an industry standard surface aerator. Once the water is treated it is sent through a constructed wetland for polishing and finally into a pond where it will be held until it is used to supplement approximately 15% of the estate vineyard’s water demand. The recycled water and energy savings make the system a model of sustainability.
BioMass Packaging has introduced a catalogue of compostable products specifically directed at wineries, giving them the option of developing completely compostable waste streams.
Cellarpass, the reservation system for booking winery tours and tastings online, has announced it has entered into a partnership with Elypsis to enhance its web-based reservation service with the Elypsis Retail ReservationIntegrator. Winery customers who use the popular Microsoft Dynamics RMS Point of Sale (RMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems will now have instant access to consumer-related reservation details from Cellarpass. 
Sebastopol, CA--American Winesecrets, LLC. (Winesecrets), North America’s leading mobile wine filtration company, announced a strategic relationship with Separator Technology Solutions, US Inc. (STS) to supply mobile centrifuge technology to wine producers. Available in September, Winesecrets will begin with two skid mounted STS 45 High Performance Clarifiers available on the west coast.
WineWeb.com expands its mobile offerings with the addition of its winery tour planning tool into Mobile WineWeb. The winery tour planner now includes optimized tour routes and driving directions in addition to the appointment scheduling and winery research tools. The winery web app tool supports iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and Android™ mobile devices. "The WineWeb winery tour planning tool allows a person to research wineries in a region, plan winery visits, schedule winery tour appointments, then create turn-by-turn driving directions to each winery," states Ron Kreutzer, Founder and President of WineWeb Enterprises, Inc. "We continue to expand and enhance our mobile winery search tools to support new platforms and additional features," continues Kreutzer.


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