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ST. HELENA, Calif. – With millions of Americans taking the initiative to protect the environment, and reducing their energy and water use, FLASQ Wines fit easily into the lives of today’s green-­conscious consumer. FLASQ – the first domestic wine sold in 100% recyclable and quick-­chilling aluminum bottles – was developed by St. Helena, Calif.-­based JT Wines to suit active, highly-­mobile lifestyles and Mother Earth herself.
Arlington Heights, Ill. – ITW Muller, a leading manufacturer of both innovative stretch wrap equipment and high quality stretch wrap film, introduces the latest addition to its Octopus line of automatic rotary ring stretch wrappers- the Octopus 505 AL. The 505 AL is ideal for food and beverage manufacturers looking to increase productivity without compromising cost. An upgrade from the Octopus 303, the 505 AL is still compact but allows for the stretch wrapping of larger loads. In addition, its simple design and flexible network increases its overall versatility. With wrapping speeds up to 100 loads per hour it addresses the demands of what was previously met by the Octopus 606.
Nomacorc, the world’s leading producer of alternative wine closures, has released its second annual research update. A robust collection of keyinsights and learnings from Nomacorc’s renowned global academic research partnerships, the 2011 report advances previous understanding of the concept of “wine oxygen demand,” or the amount of oxygen a wine needs to develop optimally.
Wheaton, Ill., USA – The new TankJet® 75 fluid driven tank cleaner from Spraying Systems Co. provides thorough impingement cleaning of small tanks without the expense of high impact tank cleaners. The unit uses external gears to reduce nozzle speed for better impact and cleaning efficiency. Ideal for medium-impact cleaning of tanks, totes and intermediate bulk containers, the unit cleans tanks up to 30’ (9.1 m) in diameter.
Portland, Conn. – Standard-Knapp, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of innovative packaging machinery, announces enhancements to the film bed system used in its popular Continuum™ Integrated Tray/Shrink System and Tritium™ Multipacker. The film bed changes were made in response to customer demand for greater efficiency and reliability, as well as higher maximum speeds. The updated film bed now features a more rigid pinch roller section, with components designed to ensure that the roller section cannot be assembled out of square. More rigid “fingers” prevent the film from wrapping around the pinch rollers. This more rigid design prevents the fingers from being bent, which reduces dog ears and missed cuts. Increased vacuum in the film bed through the belts as well as increased vacuum points in the belts also improve performance and reliability. The addition of an inline servo knife allows the systems to cut at any speed, rather than the limited speed ranges permitted by the older wrap spring clutch style. The film bed no longer needs to be slowed down or sped up during the cutting process, improving wrap tightness. Wrap spring clutches, a perennial wear item, have been eliminated from the system in favor of a servo motor, which has a much greater wear life. The film bed’s continuous profile prevents wear and tear on the film feed that results from higher acceleration and deceleration during the servo motion profile. Larger diameter pinch rollers have been added to the Tritium line, which will increase their tread life, allowing for more time between film bed rebuilds. “The innovative film bed enhancements are part of an evolution in modular machine design and construction, as well as advanced functionality,” said Patrick Nelson, engineering manager for Standard-Knapp. “These features allow for wide product range capabilities, as well as increased speed and reliability.”
Mills River, NC – UPM Raflatac announces the launch of ProLiner PP30 for the Americas market. ProLiner PP30 is a revolutionary, ultrathin, easily recyclable polypropylene liner for paper-faced labels. It sets new standards for paper labelstock productivity and profitability and offers “pros” for the entire labeling value chain.
Wayne Automation Corporation has expanded the capabilities of its partition inserters to handle the latest cost-saving and sustainable partition styles used for packing glass wine bottles. In addition to the typical multi-cell and side air cell partitions, Wayne Partition Inserters also handle A-partitions, Z-partitions, and cut-down shunted styles.
Calistoga, NapaValley, June 2011---Missing Link Networks, Inc. announces the availability of eCellar™ CMS, an easy-to-install and easy-to-use Content Management System module which integrates into a winery’s existing website for immediate text and image editing.
The Ranch Winery, the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art custom crush facility in Northern California, has completed its next phase of development with a bond expansion of 250,000 gallons, bringing the facility’s large tank capacity for storage to over 1,000,000 gallons. The expanded pad is comprised of tank options including 5,780, 25,000, 50,000 and 100,000-gallon tanks. The expansion offers clients even more flexibility for its entire grape to bottle and bulk storage services.
Packagers who need to run multiple sizes and packs of bottles will appreciate the quick-change features of the Model 101 case packer that can reduce downtime up to 30% compared to conventional changeover practices.
Thomas Halby, President of Halby Marketing, Inc. Sonoma California, importers and producers of wines and spirits from around the world is pleased to announce the appointment of Megawine, Inc. of Van Nuys California as its new strategic business partner for distribution sales and service for the state of California.
Nexternal, a leader in ecommerce shopping cart software is excited to announce the release of a revolutionary marketing tool; Facebook Like & Save. This new tool is available to all Nexternal clients and gives online merchants the ability to incentivize customers to Facebook Like products in their online stores. This tool will greatly enhance the amount of traffic sent from Facebook to a merchant’s store.
The creators of SmartCellarSM debuted their revolutionary new technology that allows fine diners to make wine selections from an Apple® iPad® industry-wide at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago this week.
Novato and Sonoma-based SolarCraft announced it has completed the design and installation of a 89.7 kW solar electric (photovoltaic) system at Wine Country Shipping in Windsor, CA. Their facility is now fully powered by clean, solar power, saving energy and money.
Exton, Pennsylvania--Gamajet Cleaning Systems announced the release of the PowerFLEX tank cleaning machine. The PowerFLEX offers 400+ times the cleaning force of a standard sprayball at the SAME pressure and flow. For example: At a 10ft distance, operating at 30 gpm and 50 psi the Gamajet PowerFLEX produces nearly 10lbs of force. The average spray ball in the same scenario produces .01-.5lbs. More power, results in less resources such as time, water and chemicals (often up to 85% savings). The average operating conditions for the Gamajet PowerFLEX is between 50-100psi and 20-80 gallons per minute. At such conditions, the PowerFLEX will maintain 8-15lbs of force at a 10ft distance, this amount of impact at such low pressures is unattainable by any other tank cleaning machine. The PowerFLEX also incorporates a sanitary design, including FDA compliant materials, self cleaning and draining capabilities and a high polish, sanitary finish, making it the ideal tank cleaning machine for both sanitary and industrial applications. In addition, the PowerFLEX utilizes a patented technology that makes it 20-30% more durable than other rotary tank cleaners. As a result, the Gamajet PowerFLEX exceeded expectations and sold out of the initial build in the first week of offering. After being placed on backorder for a week the machine is once again available. Like all Gamajet machines, the PowerFLEX utilizes Gamajet Cleaning Systems proven rotary impingement technology, which optimizes the pressure and flow (machines are fluid drive- no external motor required) to create high impact cleaning jets. These jets then scour the entire tank interior in a repeatable and reliable 360-degree manner, resulting in the most efficient and effective cleaning. “We are very proud of the development of the Gamajet PowerFLEX. It fills a gap in our product line, fits the needs of our customers, and further instates our reputation as the leader in tank cleaning technology” says Robert Delaney, chairman of Gamajet Cleaning Systems. The Gamajet PowerFLEX offers highly efficient and effective tank cleaning, at a more reasonable pressure. Facilities can trial or purchase the PowerFLEX through any authorized Gamajet distributor, or directly through Gamajet Cleaning Systems. For additional information visit or contact: Gamajet Cleaning Systems Toll Free: 1-877-426-2538 Phone: 610-408-9940 Fax: 610-408-9945 Email:
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