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Oregon's largest wine storage and shipping company Oregon Wine Services and Storage (OWS) announces the purchase of a new climate controlled storage and distribution center in Tualatin, Oregon. The facility provides an additional 62,000 square feet of wine storage and is conveniently situated within one mile of Interstate 5 for timely and efficient transportation of goods.
Owning or operating a winery or wine industry related business can be challenging and staying on top of employment issues from hiring to dealing with conflict to downsizing can make it all the more complex. Outside guidance and expert advice can help alleviate the pressures of these day-to-day management challenges. 
Saint Helena, Calif.– Central Valley Builders Supply announces that it will distribute a range of 400 cm x 400 cm Seitz filter pads (EK, 80, 100, 300 and 700) from Scott Laboratories, Inc. CVBS is known within the local wine industry for providing vineyard trellising and irrigation supplies in addition to fermentation products from Scott Labs to regional wineries.
Novato, Calif.––Cork Pops has just unveiled its latest collection of wine accessories and gifts. From corkscrews and stoppers to coolers, tote bags and stemware accents, the company offers everything wine lovers need to open, present, serve, preserve and entertain. In early April 2011, the Miami Herald ran the headline: “America hits a wine milestone.” As it turns out, the U.S. now surpasses France in terms of total wine consumption, ranking it number one in the world. In terms of exact numbers, “U.S. [wine] aficionados last year sipped 330 million 12-bottle cases, compared to 321 million for France.” The Wine Market Council estimates that the average U.S. adult drinks three gallons of wine per year.
Labeltronix took home the most gold medals in the 2011 Excellence in Flexography Awards, Narrow Web Category. The results of the national competition were announced earlier this month.
St. Charles, Ill.--Lechler, Inc. has developed the new Whisperblast. Whisperblasts are designed to handle most industrial usage for compressed air, such as drying off parts, blowing dirt or dust off of parts or equipment, or blowing off rejected items from a conveyor. The standard flat version can be installed on a machine or used with others on a header to create an air curtain. The standard round version can be used for hand-held applications. Flat versions in either aluminum, stainless steel or zinc are available for use in more intense environments. Two smaller models have been developed for use in tight places: the Mini-WHISPERBLAST, which is half the width of the standard flat version; and the MiniBlast™, or “bullet” air nozzle, which is smaller than the standard round model but produces one high impact air stream.
NEW HOLLAND, Pa.– New Holland has introduced three compact track loaders in the new 200 Series. The new machines feature best-in-class forward dump height and reach – boosting operator profits and productivity.
Napa, CA—SEGUIN MOREAU, in its commitment to environmental issues and sustainability, now offers the world’s first CarbonNeutral® accredited barrels. The CarbonNeutral Company, a world leading provider of carbon reduction solutions, worked with the cooperage to reduce the CO2 emissions from the raw materials, manufacture, packaging, storage and distribution of the barrels to net zero.
Portland, CT—Standard-Knapp, a worldwide leader in manufacturing the ultimate packaging machinery, introduces the Versatron case packer with Soft Catch technology, designed for high-speed packing of fragile containers. The Versatron is ideal for challenging packaging applications with reduced and/or lightweight materials in a variety of industries including spirits and wine, food, household chemical, personal care, and automotive.
SONOMA COUNTY, CA,--Apple’s innovative iPad tablets enable groundbreaking new capabilities in mobile computing for winemakers on the go. With the release of “Winemaking,” a new iPad App that just arrived in the App-Store, winemakers can take advantage of the mobility and touch user interface offered by the tablet to easily keep track of their wine batches. Hobbyists or Professional winemakers can replace their paper journals or desktop computer logs and bring the pad into the winery where the action is. The Winemaking App by Tamarac Applications can collect their notes and data for one or many concurrent batches. Handy calculators, conversions, and data plotting features offered in The Winemaking App further expand productivity for winemakers.
TandD Corporation, Saratoga Springs, NY, has introduced its NEW Infrared Communication Type Data Loggers. The "TR-71Ui" (Temperature) and "TR-72Ui" (Temperature and Humidity) models offer the great features of the original TR-7U Series Data Loggers plus full functioning infrared communication. This function makes it possible to use an Infrared Data Collector TR-57DCi to download and save the data recorded by the TR-7Ui Series Loggers, releasing the user from the burden of physically gathering the loggers to collect data. The data collected and saved in the TR-57DCi can then be easily viewed in graph form on the spot or viewed on a PC, which broadens the range of use. Using the internal sensor, the temperature range is -10° to 60°C. while with an external sensor the temperature range is -40° to 110°C (0° to 50°C for the TR-72Ui). The humidity range on the TR-72Ui is from 10 to 95%RH. These new units feature a compact body size of 78mm Wide x 55mm High x 18mm Deep. In addition to the infrared communications, the data can be downloaded to a PC with a USB cable. The TR-71Ui and TR-72Ui operate on one AA battery with a life expectancy of one year or 7 months if the infrared communications has been enabled. Temperature and Humidity Monitoring applications for these units include: Laboratories, Hospitals, Museums, Warehouses, Wine Production & Storage facilities, Computer Rooms and any location where Temperature and/or Humidity Control is Critical. For additional information on these NEW units contact: TandD Corporation PO Box 321 Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 USA Phone: 518-669-9227 E-mail: inquiries@tandd.com Web: www.tandd.com
MUNCIE, Ind. – Verallia North America is pleased to announce success in developing new containers for wine customers in the United States and Canada that meet the Liquor Control Board of Ontario’s (LCBO) new lightweight glass strategy for wine products. In an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of products while also providing ergonomic benefits through reduction in overall case weights, the LCBO announced, a new national standard of 420 gram maximum weight for table wine packaged in glass and priced at or below $15.00. The LCBO’s April 29, 2010 announcement followed its February 8, 2010 communication establishing a new 18.9 kilogram maximum case weight standard for all products, effective September 30, 2010. “After receiving notice of LCBO’s new glass standard and of their intent to make it mandatory, we immediately began working with our wine customers to develop a wine bottle that met the new lighter weight standard,” said Bob Parise, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Verallia’s Wine Sector. “We were pleased to get ahead of LCBO’s timeline by creating two bottles that already meet the lighter weight standard and we were equally excited to create a luxurious look for consumer appeal.” To date, Verallia has successfully reduced the weight on two stock bottles without compromising the quality of the glass package. The ECO Impulse and the ECO Impulse Stelvin® are specifically designed for the Canadian market. Prior to the re-design by Verallia, the bottles had a design weight of 475 grams (16.75 ounces). With customer input and precise engineering, the new bottles have a design weight of 411 grams (14.5 ounces) reducing the carbon footprint and improving the ergonomic benefits for the entire industry. “The two stock bottles fit nicely into Verallia’s company-wide sustainable development initiative which provides a vision to continue designing high quality glass packaging with improved sustainability or less environmental impact,” said Steve Rhea, Senior Vice President Strategic Development for Verallia North America. Both Claret style ECO Impulse bottles are produced at Verallia’s Port Allegany, Penn. plant and are available to wine customers in both Flint and Champagne Green colors.
Dalla Terra™ Winery Direct® has announced that on April 1st, it became the national distributor for licensed buyers for govino (www.govinowine.com) in all states, with the exception of California wineries, where the stylish yet shatterproof glassware is sold direct from the California-based company.
The Napa Valley branch of Enartis Vinquiry has moved to a new, convenient, and centrally located facility in St. Helena, CA.
M.A. Silva Corks, USA is now operating a Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS) in their Santa Rosa production facility. This instrument will further the research and quality protection methods of M.A. Silva Corks, USA.


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