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Winery Benchmarker is under new management in 2010, after Arris Pty Ltd purchased the online tool from wine industry consultants Provisor.
Wilden, the worldwide leader in air-operated double-diaphragm pump technology, is pleased to announce that its unique Air Distribution System (ADS) technology adds true cost-saving benefits to its full line of Pro-Flo X™ HS (hygienic series) stainless steel pumps. Wilden’s Pro-Flo X™ HS pumps are ideal for numerous sanitary applications found in the beverage-manufacturing industry.
Mendocino Cooperage barrels are being re-introduced to the U.S. market and will be available through Oakasion, LLC of Healdsburg, California. The “Mendocino Cooperage” brand is to be produced by Okanagan Barrel Works of Oliver British Columbia.
Ramondin Capsules has purchased the metal capsule division of the German company VKN. The company will continue to provide production and service to the customers who have been using the tin capsules of VKN, according to Ramondin’s director of sales Jon Iguíñiz, who is working with the reorganization and sales integration of the German company into the structure of Ramondin.
Benicia, CA, April 8, 2010 – The Spanish wine capsule company, RIVERCAP SA, is joining forces with its French counterpart, SPARFLEX SA, to better serve their wine and spirits clients.
Yale Materials Handling Corporation has launched a new series of electric stand-up lift trucks—the ESC030-040AC series. The three wheel ESC030-040AC lift trucks provide dependable performance for lifting capacities of 3,000 to 4,000 lbs. in applications including retail distribution, food production and processing, general warehousing and freight transportation.
Wine e-commerce provider Vin65 released a new mobile platform for wineries who want to take their websites mobile. The platform provides a fully-formatted and optimized mobile wine website for viewing on the iPhone and Android phones.
The WISE AcademyTM, the only wine industry education, training and certification program dedicated solely to direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales, celebrates its one-year anniversary today. While proud of the many accomplishments of the past year, the organization has no plans to rest on its laurels. WISE courses and content will continue to evolve at a rapid pace with two new certification courses announced this month and four new courses launching this quarter.
Ontario’s grape and wine industry is welcoming a lab at Brock University that provides vital juice and wine analysis.
Tonnellerie Saury and Groupe Charlois have joined forces to create the world’s first cooperage group integrating and controlling the entire production chain from start to finish. Groupe Charlois can now guarantee their clients receive the highest quality barrels from the most environmentally sustainable resources available while maintaining the high standards their clients have come to expect. The new group now includes the renowned brands: Saury, Leroi, Ermitage and Berthomieu. The group can produce 7,800 m3 of staves from the most prestigious forests in France and will sell 75,000 French oak barrels in the global market. All barrels pass a multi-point TCA/TBA testing program and remain fully compliant with PEFC, ISO 9001, HACCP and ISO14000 certifications. These certifications provide proof the group controls vertical traceability, from the raw material to the delivered barrel, while setting the standard in the industry for quality and safety. Each brand will continue to operate independently keeping its own identity in terms of wood selection, seasoning, manufacturing process, production personnel, and distribution network.
Nanocork™, the newest product in the wine closure market worldwide, offers wine producers the means to retain fresh fruit flavours and a long finish in white, rosé, and non-reductive red wines without concern about TCA contamination. An alternative to synthetic closures and screwcap, ACI Cork USA brings the innovative nanocork to the US market at an attractive price that makes it perfect for use in wines selling at today's sweet spot of $8 to $15 per bottle.
In July, 2009, Ethical Naturals Inc. (ENI), of San Anselmo, California, completed the PCT and U.S. patent application filing process for their ORAC-15,000™ natural antioxidant from grapes. They have now completed filing applications for the use of this unique antioxidant extraction technology for the production of high ORAC extracts from other fruit sources.
Though relatively rare in the U.S., Acacia wood has been used in France and Spain for many years to add a new dimension to white wines and in the aging of the incredible sweet wines of Bordeaux. Oakasion, LLC, represents three cooperages that have Acacia wood barrels in their barrel offerings.
Napa, CA – Collotype Labels, a leading North American wine label supplier, announces the addition of a new label printing technology and service, “Collotype Digital”. The new “digital” printing platform includes a seven-color HP Indigo 4500, and equipment that adds foil stamping, embossing, varnishing, laminating, and die cutting to the Indigo printed pressure sensitive (self adhesive) labels.
Moyno, Inc. offers the 2000 HS System as the cost-effective alternative to expensive, high-maintenance piston pumps and open conveyors for dewatered sludge transfer in municipal wastewater treatment. It features an integral hopper with a twin-screw auger feeder and Moyno G4 progressing cavity pump that efficiently handles semi-dry, high solids, dewatered municipal sludge to over 50 percent solids.


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