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Owens-Illinois, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of glass packaging, today announced an aggressive plan to significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions across its worldwide operations during the next decade.
Lechler, Inc. offers a complete line of products for cleaning tanks and vessels of all sizes. Included in that line are Mini-Whirling nozzles, designed to clean smaller vessels up to 3 feet in diameter, such as kegs, drums, barrels, totes, and carboys. All have rotating heads which create flow movement for more effective cleaning. Models include:
Wine is a premium product that has always demanded high end packaging. Historically this has meant glass bottles, cork closures, impressive labeling and cartons. Market demand for alternative packaging options that reduce carbon foot print, and landfill space continues to grow. Consumers expect solutions that are significant... economically viable, and sustainable.
ACH Foam Technologies is the first EPS molder in the US to offer 60% recycled content EPS packaging, through its WineLoc wine shipping containers. ACH Foam’s WineLoc packaging uses EcoSix, a recycled molding bead by RAPAC. The first EPS packaging made of 60% or more recycled content, WineLoc offers superior protective performance – making it one of the most efficient packaging materials for the wine industry. It’s been a long time coming. The public has clamored for environmentally sound packaging products and recycling solutions. EPS manufacturers have banded together to facilitate recycling of EPS with take-back programs as well as corporate recycling programs. Now, with 60% recycled and recyclable EPS wine shipping containers, wine distributors have a strong environmental marketing position to stand on. According to Ken Adams, VP Marketing for RAPAC, typical EPS packaging has contained either only virgin material or from 10 to 30% recycled content. “That recycled component was post-industrial scrap. An important distinction is that RAPAC’s recycled beads are made of at least 60% reclaimed foam from product that has been diverted from the nation’s landfills,” explained Adams. No other manufacturer has succeeded in producing EPS packaging with greater than 60% recycled content to date. “There are two key challenges to creating EPS packaging with higher quantities of recycled material,” said Adams. “First is the problem of strength. As you add recycled molding beads to virgin beads, the product loses strength. Secondly, supply of the recycled beads is limited at this point in time.” WineLoc with EcoSix required reinventing the manufacturing and formulation processes. Effectively manufacturing WineLoc containing 60% recycled content required significant testing and support of industry specialists to achieve a high quality product that provided the protection that virgin EPS packaging has been known for. The initial products struggled to pass drop tests and required fine tuning of the manufacturing process to ensure customers would receive consistently high quality products that met ACH Foam's standards. Erich Brandt, VP of Sales & Marketing of ACH Foam Technologies said, “EcoSix recycled EPS molding beads have been available for several months through RAPAC, which is the country’s largest recycler of EPS. But the process of molding the recycled beads into packaging that is sufficiently strong took some months of trial and error. The first test products did not pass drop tests because the recycled molding beads would not bond together as well as virgin beads. As a result, the packaging would break apart. Our technicians worked for months to perfect the molding process to bring our recycled EPS packaging up to ACH Foam’s quality standards.” After months of testing, ACH Foam Technologies' packaging products containing EcoSix have successfully passed ISTA 3A drop tests for 60% recycled content. Because of limited supply of EcoSix molding beads, ACH Foam Technologies is initially providing only WineLoc packaging products containing 60% recycled content. However, EcoSix is available upon request in limited quantities in other EPS packaging. As ACH Foam Technologies further perfects the manufacturing process, the manufacturer anticipates offering additional packaging products that are made with EcoSix on a regular basis. ACH Foam Technologies and RAPAC will strive jointly to continuously increase recycled content in EPS packaging, “We’re aiming for as close to 100% as we can get,” said Brandt. “This is round one of an exciting development in environmentally- friendly EPS packaging.”
P&L Specialties, an original equipment manufacturer that is very well known for its winery crush pad equipment, has acquired the Tom Beard Company, an original equipment manufacturer making winery barrel washing systems.
WineCare Logistics announced its Green Initiative while hosting all Napa county Chamber mixer on April 29. “Going Green is a serious responsibility not only to the environment but our future generations.” said Amit Nischal, Winecare Logistics Manager. “We have teamed up with United Parcel Service (UPS) and Arbor day foundation to offer two green initiatives to our customers at 1% of their shipping cost.”
Western Pulp Products (WPP) recently released its Vintner’s Choice 1.5 liter Magnum Wine Shipper. Vintner’s Choice innovative wine shippers are developed with input from leading consumer-direct fulfillment and supply chain services for the wine industry. The new 1.5 liter biodegradable molded fiber shipper is the latest response to feedback from such leaders. “The new design features a single folding tray that offers packing configurations for one to six 1.5 liter magnum bottles,” explains Rick Hurley, WPP’s Vice President of technology. “Our original molded fiber wine shippers for 750 ml bottles are increasingly popular, and industry leaders have asked for this new, larger option.” The Magnum Wine Shipper accepts diverse sizes ranging up to 19-inch tall, slender bottles such as Rhine-style (hock) bottles to the wider, 4.5-inch diameter low- and high-shouldered Burgundy and Bordeaux bottles. Vintner’s Choice innovative designs nest together efficiently, saving almost two-thirds the space needed to store expanded polystyrene (EPS) shippers. “Our customers appreciate that this reduces in-bound freight cost and the potential carbon footprint, too,” says Hurley. WPP is a strong advocate of environmental responsibility. Certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), Vintner’s Choice wine shippers contain a minimum of 99% post-consumer recycled paper. As with all patented Vintner’s Choice wine shippers, the new 1.5 liter Magnum has repeatedly met the high standards required by FedEx and UPS test labs. For more information or to arrange an interview about this product, please contact Scott Cornthwaite at scott@wordsoutpr.com, or call 503.851.1980.
Universal Packaging Inc is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Jelinek Cork Group. This partnership will revolve around Jelinek Cork Group becoming a major closure supplier in North America for UPI.
Dur-A-Flex’s Hybri-Flex™ Series systems offer the benefits of two resinous floor systems in one. Its unique base coat features a built-in moisture mitigation system that tolerates up to 12 lbs. of moisture vapor transmission, making it ideal for installation on recently poured concrete. The added high-performance topcoats of each system can provide additional features such as a decorative appearance, UV and stain resistance and quick curing. A complete floor system can be installed in as little as two days.
When economic downturn disrupts cashflow, wineries big and small look for ways to restructure expenses. Services like alcohol and VA adjustment ordinarily incur expenses around bottling time. Some wineries are choosing to buy or lease equipment to spread out the cost on a monthly basis, over several years.
Nomacorc, which began ten years ago as a wine aficionado’s solution to the pervasive problem of cork taint in wine, has grown to become the world’s largest producer of alternative wine closures. In 2009, Nomacorc produced and shipped its ten billionth wine closure since its founding in 1999 and marked continued growth in its global share of the still wine closure market. Italian winery Cantele bottled their award-winning Negroamaro with Nomacorc’s ten billionth closure.
Moyno® Sanitary Pumps offers superior performance features with uncompromising quality, reliability and application versatility. Moyno® Sanitary Pumps are ideal for any application where bacteria and contamination must be avoided and/or frequent clean-up is required.
Grundfos Pumps is pleased to announce the release of its expanded range of CR-H multi-stage end suction pumps for the North American market. The CR-H offering now includes additional ANSI pump sizes in ductile iron construction and for flows up to 635 GPM, providing a dimensionally viable replacement for a more comprehensive range of ANSI pump installations. In addition to industrial applications, the CR-H offers great opportunities to all markets with high pump efficiency levels.
Winery Benchmarker is under new management in 2010, after Arris Pty Ltd purchased the online tool from wine industry consultants Provisor.
Wilden, the worldwide leader in air-operated double-diaphragm pump technology, is pleased to announce that its unique Air Distribution System (ADS) technology adds true cost-saving benefits to its full line of Pro-Flo X™ HS (hygienic series) stainless steel pumps. Wilden’s Pro-Flo X™ HS pumps are ideal for numerous sanitary applications found in the beverage-manufacturing industry.


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