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Double A Vineyards Inc. of Fredonia New York is pleased to announce the acquisition of Concord Nurseries grapevine production business. Concord nurseries have been a major producer of grapevines in the Eastern United States under the Foster Grapevine brand. The acquisition of Concord’s grapevines business will help solidify Double A Vineyards position as the premier supplier of vines for much of the US market. “The acquisition is a great fit for the company,” said Dennis Rak President of Double A Vineyards, adding that he looks forward to providing Concord’s customers with quality products and service. The additional production and 225 acres of land will allow Double A Vineyards to move forward more rapidly with its plans to produce high quality disease free plants that meet the new Federal National Clean Plant Network standards. This is a long term project that will require planting new bud wood vineyards and growing the material under strict guidelines to produce high quality clean stock. The high standards used in this program will greatly increase the quality of the plants available. It is anticipated that this next generation of clean vines will help growers produce higher yields and quality in their vineyards.
An advanced filtration system from Pall Corporation that streamlines the wine production process and enhances producer profitability margins has been awarded the Bronze Trophy in the Vinitech Siefel 2010 Innovations Award Program. Pall’s Oenofine XL cross-flow filtration system was honored in the category of new innovations for wine production and packaging. Pall is a world leader in filtration, separation and purification.
Oct. 2010 – Petaluma-based Paragon Label has won the top award for Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility from the Label Industry Global Awards. Presented in Chicago on September 14, the award recognizes and honors companies making substantial and accountable environmental changes in everything from recycling and waste water treatment to emissions reductions and energy saving programs. Paragon was the only winner in the Converter Award for Sustainability/Environmental Responsibility category.
Cincinnati--Intelligrated®, a leading North American-owned automated material handling solutions provider, announces it will launch the Alvey 890 mid-speed case palletizer as the company's showcase at PACK EXPO Chicago 2010. Designed with reliability and flexibility in mind, the Alvey 890 builds upon the proven Alvey 800 and Alvey 880 platforms, Intelligrated's most popular palletizer family with over 1,200 machines in operation worldwide.
OAKLAND, Tenn. – RAPAC, a division of RING Companies, and the world’s largest recycler of polystyrene resins, announced today that its EcoSix molding bead has been certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) as composed of 60 percent recycled content.
TORRANCE, Calif.-- Kubota Tractor Corporation and Vermeer Corporation announce a strategic marketing alliance for the sale of performance-matched, allied-approved, Vermeer forage equipment. The combination Kubota and Vermeer Dealers now have the opportunity to sell Vermeer forage equipment, such as balers, rakes and related forage equipment financed by Kubota Credit Corporation.
Monvera Glass Décor, a provider of paperless bottle labeling services to the wine, spirits, beverage and food industry, has developed and launched a video web-series devoted to screen printed bottle labels and quality label design. The 2 minute program, titled This Week's Beautiful Bottle, signals Monvera's initiative to promote labels that exhibit outstanding design characteristics, and to educate viewers about what makes each label effective. New episodes are posted bi-weekly on the company's website, and shared via their Facebook and Twitter pages.
Weather conditions contributed positively to the 2010 Portuguese and Spanish cork harvest, creating excellent growing conditions and providing for generous growth of the annual cork layer. A very rainy winter and spring, where precipitation levels in January and February were 30 percent higher than the average, made for a late, long harvest running through the end of August.
Sonoma, Calif.– Winery Insider, the first private sale company to focus exclusively on the wine category, announced it has formed a strategic partnership with DailyCandy, the leading e-mail newsletter and website targeted to women in the U.S. Under the arrangement Winery Insider will become the exclusive source of wines and wine-related experiences offered through Swirl, DailyCandy’s online sample sale site which offers discounts of up to 80 percent on clothing and accessories. As with Winery Insider’s regular offerings, wines made available through Swirl will be offered at approximately 40-80 percent off the retail value.
Bird-B-Gone, Mission Viejo, CA, has added an ornithologist to their team of bird control specialists to help customers tackle tough bird problems. “Ask the Bird Expert” is a helpful new tool in bird control. Having the insight of an ornithologist closes the gap between the science of nature and the nature of bird control.
MISCO, Cleveland, OH, releases the Palm Abbe line of handheld digital refractometers engineered specifically for the international wine industry. They provide instant digital “field” determination of grape ripeness, grape-must concentration, grape-must density and sugar content, as well as the potential alcohol content of the finished wine. It has twice the precision of any competing instruments.
Rose Agri-Seed, Ventura, CA, releases “Soil Guard” Hard Fescue, a new seeded cover crop used for controlling soil erosion on hillsides and vineyards. This variety is low-growing, needing only one mowing per year and is heat, shade and drought tolerant. It also is summer dormant and adapted to California coastal areas and PNW.
TricorBraun’s DryKeep desiccant scoops add value by extending the protection of powders and providing assurance to brand managers that moisture sensitive products will remain in the same environment throughout their useful lives. The moisture-absorbing scoops control humidity inside powder containers, extend product life and stay with the product because the scoop is essential to delivery and dosing. Over 150 sizes and configurations are available so consumer powders and chemicals can be properly dosed and protected. The scoops are available in sizes from 0.5 cc to 16-ounces and custom sizes and shapes can be designed quickly. While the scoops are traditionally off-white, they can be manufactured in almost any color.
A.O Wilson, Bolton, Canada, introduces the new Tudertechnica Glidetech hose. This hose supplies 70% of the Italian and French wine industries. It is a true food-grade hose. We are stocking this and are capable of banding the connections needed. It has a non-marking coating that also makes dragging easier.
Tuscon, AZ -- The Phytogram sensor capability now includes measurement of nutrient uptake, specifically potassium and nitrogen. Permanently resident dual sensors are implanted in the trunk for a continuous period up to three years. They measure water content and nutrient uptake every half hour for 12 months of the year. Measurements are taken automatically, data transferred by telemetry to Arizona and graphs of water content and ion population are placed on an Internet secure website. Water content is used for irrigation scheduling and nutrient uptake is used for fertilizer scheduling.


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