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Lechler Inc.’s Gyro Tank Cleaning Nozzle is our largest free spinning model and is designed to clean medium to large size tanks from 10 to 20 feet in diameter. It is the high capacity work horse of the Lechler tank cleaning product line. This long-lasting nozzle is built from FDA-compliant 316 grade stainless steel material and contains PTFE bearings, which are easily-replaceable and can further extend its service life. With its higher flow capacities, the Gyro can effectively clean while operating at lower inlet pressures. The combination of the Gyro’s flow capacity, free spinning design, and movement and impact of the cleaning fluid creates an efficient cleaning process for tanks used in such applications as grain processing, ethanol production, chemical storage, headbox cleaning in paper machine production, and brewery processing. The self-lubricating and self-cleaning nature of the free spinning Gyro makes it an excellent candidate for CIP processing. The Gyro has proven its effectiveness over decades of use in countless tank cleaning applications.
The Vinfinity Wine Preservation System is the only system available that pulls an ideal vacuum in a wine bottle in less than 2 seconds. And preserving wine is the key to running an effective and profitable Wine-by-the-Glass (WBTG) program in a restaurant or bar, according to wine authority John Blazon, who states “Wine preservation is key for the success of any serious restaurant. Period.”
Guala Closures Group, Alessandria, Italy, has created a ‘Tamper Evident’ wine screwcap, a closure featuring a colored plastic ring that appears in the narrow space between the glass bottle neck and aluminium skirt once the screwcap has been opened. A slightly different aesthetic in the tamper evident area differentiates this new closure from the standard one, but the application, glass finish and pour remains unaffected by the new technology. These closures aim to provide a solution to the ongoing problem of counterfeit wines. For more information, please call +020 8747 2071 or visit www.gualaclosures.com.
London, United Kingdom, (June 23rd, 2010) – The first panel discussion organized by the O2inWines™ association took place during the London International Wine Fair on May 18th. It drew an audience of almost 150 attendees; surprisingly enough for a not so technical environment, showing that interest for this topic is growing in the wine industry. “Organizing this panel discussion during a non-technical fair was a real gamble, as the subjects covered by our specialists were scientific ones”, stated Olav Aagaard from Nomacorc and president of O2inWines™. “But in spite of that, and because our panelists used of a non-technical vocabulary, the panel discussion was a great success both on the number of attendees and the quality of the discussions held. Besides, for those who could not attend, we twitted the event all along!” The debates led by Jamie Goode, famous wine writer, whose blog www.wineanorak.com is one of the most popular on the net today, showed the impact oxygen can have on wine quality from grape reception to wine tasting by the consumer. First, Andrew Markides, from Lallemand Australia Ltd and a world yeast specialist explained the importance of oxygen management throughout the whole fermentation process and especially at the early stages of winemaking. The introduction of oxygen at one third of the fermentation process helps the yeast cell membrane, its key structure, to strengthen and resist to the attacks from ethanol, so as to achieve the fermentation to the desired dryness. When oxygen comes in, all the available yeast have the opportunity to take up that oxygen and produce the sterols and unsaturated fatty acids that make up the membrane flexibility and function.
The Vinfinity Wine Preservation System, Hoboken, NJ, is currently the only system available that uses a standing central vacuum, which allows it to apply an ideal vacuum on an open bottle in less than two seconds. Based on patented FlashVacuum Technology, the system can keep an open bottle fresh for up to three weeks. This quick and easy-to-use preservation system is ideal for running profitable Wine-by-the-Glass (WBTC) programs in restaurants and bars. It requires little space and can evacuate thirty bottles per minute for an unlimited amount of time. The Vinfinity Wine Preservation System requires little maintenance and is self-contained with intuitive controls. To learn more about the Vinfinity Wine Preservation System, please visit www.vinfinitysystem.com.
Scott Laboratories Inc., Petaluma, CA, has launched its new website at www.scottlab.com. The upgraded website is easier to use and features improved navigation and searching capabilities, with and interactive Advanced Product Selection tool for fermentation products. This new selection process allows winemakers to better select fermentation products based on varietal, potential alcohol tolerance, purpose and other factors. Other new features include YouTube videos, image galleries, up-to-date news and a calendar to highlight when sales representatives will be traveling throughout the country. To check out the upgraded website, visit www.scottlab.com.
The Ranch Winery announces the next phase of development, offering an expanded hospitality footprint and additional crush pad and bulk storage cooperage; making them arguably the most flexible custom crush option in Northern California, and a sophisticated and cost sensitive solution for vintners seeking a home for wine production, bottling and storage.
Box wines are gaining significant ground with consumers and wine critics alike due to new wine selections and significant packaging improvements. New consumers entering the marketplace, the ability of bag-in-the-box (BIB) to keep wines fresh up to six weeks once opened and the ever increasing acceptance that – it’s the wine inside that really matters – are all helping to drive adoption of this growing format. The latest market data from Nielsen market research shows that sales of 3-liter boxed table wine increased 19.9% during the one-year period ending April 3, while overall sales of table wine edged up just 3.5%.
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA AND NAPA, CALIFORNIA, Jun 17, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Functional Technologies /quotes/comstock/11v!feb (CA:FEB 0.65, 0.00, 0.00%) , a world leader in yeast research and development, today announced that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Beverage Supply Group ("BSG"), a division of Brewer's Supply Group, which has agreed to market Functional's Phyterra-branded wine yeast in the US market. This agreement enables the launch of four strains of Phyterra's kosher organic hydrogen sulfide (H2S)-reducing wine yeasts, to the Westcoast marketplace for the 2010 crush.
Monadnock Paper Mills Inc., an industry leader in the manufacture of sustainably designed and customized paper solutions, launches Monadnock Envi™ PC 100 Wine Label, a new line of papers designed exclusively for the eco-conscious vintner’s labeling requirements.
Nixalite of America Inc. is offering Bare Hand Vineyard and Crop Bird Netting.
R.F. MacDonald Co., Hayward, CA, invites boiler owners and operators to attend CLEAR THE AIR Boiler Emissions workshops with four scheduled dates throughout the Bay Area in June. New boiler regulations are now in effect, which may have a potential impact on any business or operation using a boiler, water heater or steam generator. These workshops will help owners and operators determine the specific emissions requirements for the different sizes of boilers, registration and permitting requirements, dates the new regulations take effect, compliance options and exemptions. For more information regarding dates and locations, please visit www.rfmacdonald.com.
The Seamless Sanitary Drum, newly released by Skolnik Industries, Inc., Chicago, IL, can be used for processing SuperClean contents or for safe transport of the most aggressive chemicals, including nitric acid. Unlike stainless steel drums, which contain a small interior crevice, the Seamless Sanitary Drum has no interior crevice, which results in a top and bottom that is fully curved. The drums are available in Open Head, Closed Head or as a Processing drum. The drums are also UN certified for dangerous goods. For more information about the Seamless Sanitary Drum, call (800) 441-8780 or visit www.skolnik.com.
Springfield, Ohio – Genuine Moyno® replacement parts ensure that Moyno pumps continue to provide the original, high-quality performance and long service life that has been verified by customers for nearly 75 years to lower total cost of ownership. Moyno replacement parts precisely and consistently meet all product design parameters, quality standards and manufacturing tolerances. Moyno replacement parts install correctly the first time, ensure accurate form and fit to meet original product specifications and protect product warranties.
Nixalite of America Inc., East Moline, IL, is now offering Bare Hand™ Vineyard and Crop Bird Netting to effectively keep pest birds from damaging crops and increase the amount of fruit procured during the harvest. Two types of netting is available, the diamond mesh Bare Hand™ FLEX Netting and the square mesh Bare Hand™ EASY-FIT Netting. The Premium and Super Premium grades allow for up to three or more seasons of use or up to six or more seasons of use, respectively. For more information regarding Nixalite and their products, please call (800) 624-1189 or visit www.nixalite.com/barehandsnet.aspx.


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