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SolarBee, Inc., Dickenson, ND, has released the GS-12 grid powered submersible mixer.
Las Vegas, Nevada--Image of Wine is launching a new electronic wine aerator called the "Spreathe" that will aerate a full bottle of wine within 2 minutes. "Through a tube inserted into the newly-opened bottle of wine the Spreathe aerates the wine; cascading the wine on the inside of the bottle," says Steven Lay, President, Image of Wine. "Our goal was to find an alternative to aerating wine on a per glass basis or using a large glass decanter." The Spreathe does just that, it aerates a whole bottle of wine with a simple push of a button. If, after sampling the newly aerated wine, a host/hostess feels more aeration is needed simply reinsert the Spreathe and press the button. You can always interrupt the process by simply pressing the button again which turns the aerator off. Any wine not consumed can be saved by inserting an Image of Wine bottle stopper.
KANSAS CITY, MO.--Foxx Equipment Co. has issued its newly expanded 2011 catalog of beverage-dispensing equipment. The catalog has increased to 160 pages, and offers many new items in several categories.
Emeryville, CA--Monvera Glass Décor, a provider of paperless bottle labels to the wine, spirits, beverage and food industry, has announced plans to link related service offerings in a partnership with Etched Images of Napa, California. The partnership will allow both companies to provide a full range of paperless labeling solutions to their customers.
Santa Clara, Calif. – Napa Technology, designer and manufacturer of the WineStation®, Intelligent Dispensing System, today announced the launch of its new product, the AccuServe Smartcard Universal Design Module. The AccuServe Smartcard Universal Design Module was created to comply with ADA regulations. The intuitive design lowers the control panels to provide easy access to wheelchair bound consumers. “We strive to provide our customers and partners with the solutions that will enhance their business and achieve their goals,” states Morris Taradalsky, Vice President of Engineering and Support. “This design enhancement creates lap-level access to all the features of the WineStation, including easy to read LCD screens and the AccuServe Smartcard reader.” The AccuServe Smartcard Universal Design Module is adaptable to any WineStation model currently on the market and most recently been installed at Marriott Hanover in Whippany, New Jersey, Hotel Minneapolis in Minneapolis, Minnesota and in Harris Teeter Grocery Store in Reston, Virginia. Utilizing the vast intelligence of the Accuserve Smartcard technology, the WineStation® provides product sales trends in addition to a full suite of staff, management and consumer insights. The system, designed to provide enterprise software solutions for companies large and small, also supports a wealth of product, staff and customer reporting that all can be controlled from a single, remote source. Standard features for each WineStation® include: Patented Clean-Pour™ technology assuring fresh taste, bouquet and aroma for 60 days. AccuServe™ Management Suite software allowing the operator to track customer sampling preferences and identify appropriate merchandising and pricing strategies to increase revenues. Programmable and easy-to-read LCD screens displaying the wine being served and price for a tasting, half-glass and full-glass servings. State-of-the-art temperature control in every unit. Nitrogen or argon gas preservation
NEW HOLLAND, PA -- In 1961, New Holland transformed its pull-type forage harvester into a highly productive self-propelled unit with its own engine and controls. “Since then, New Holland has revolutionized the forage industry with self-propelled forage harvesters that enable farmers and contractors to increase productivity, quality, efficiency, safety and driving comfort,” says Mike Cornman, Hay & Forage Marketing Manager. “We’ve included the latest state-of-the-art innovations as standard equipment on the special limited edition of New Holland’s FR9000 Series, which we’re producing in 2011 to celebrate the 50th anniversary New Holland’s first self-propelled forage harvester:”
Portland, CT—Standard-Knapp, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of innovative packaging machinery, introduces the Tritium™ Multipacker, a continuous motion multi-packer capable of handling applications in the food, beverage and personal care industries. With single, double and three lane configurations, the Tritium™ Multipacker swiftly arranges products into compact pack patterns and wraps the configurations in film, thereby eliminating the need for trays and pads. The Multipacker then sends the packs through an energy-efficient heat tunnel to tightly shrink the film around each multi-pack producing a consistent, wrinkle-free bull’s eye and bottom seal.
T&D Corporation has introduced their NEW RTR-500DC, a Handheld Wireless Data Collector featuring a large, easy to read graphical display. The RTR-500DC is ideal for applications where items to be monitored are in motion, or where physical access to the data logger itself is inconvenient or impractical. Examples might be display cases, mobile applications or outdoor use. The unit can monitor and download data from up to 224 separate loggers and stores up to 256,000 readings, which can then be uploaded to a PC via a USB connection. The RTR-500DC displays the data on a graphical display with zoom function. The unit includes a "search" mode for locating data loggers and a signal strength indicator. This pocket sized unit weighs only 4.4 oz and operates for over 100 hours on 2 AAA batteries. The transmission distance is up to 500 feet, line of sight, which can be extended with the use of wireless repeaters. For additional information on the NEW RTR-500DC Wireless Data Collector and the RTR-500 Series of Data Loggers contact:
WOOD DALE, Ill. (USA) — For companies that print large, variable data codes on both porous or nonporous substrates, the new Videojet® 2120 large character ink jet printer from Videojet Technologies Inc. can apply characters on everything from cardboard and paper to plastic and foil. An automated setup wizard makes printer startup easy and fast, and preprogrammed templates help reduce coding errors, maximizing productivity.
Victoria, British Columbia-- E.S.I. Environmental Sensors Inc. ("ESI" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:ESV) is pleased to announce the market launch of its GroPoint(TM) Single Valve Controller (GP-SVC) designed to convert standard timer-based irrigation systems into "smart" irrigation systems through the use of soil moisture data to conserve water, automatically limiting irrigation to periods of low soil moisture levels when plants or turf truly need more water.
NAPA, Calif. – Oak Solutions Group has launched Next Generation, a new line of oak chips debuted at the 2011 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium. “Through 25 years of crafting alternatives and a commitment to serving as a leader in our industry, we have created the next generation,” said Ed Larmie, director. “We combined what we’ve learned through trials, science and technology to forge a new frontier.” Next Generation oak chips are the latest release from the forward-thinking ?vOAK product line. As part of the development process, Oak Solutions Group’s research team identified three primary factors that influence what an oak alternative can do for wine: intensity (overall oak impact), mouthfeel (the perception of weight on the palate) and structure (length on the palate, framework of the wine). Next Generation oak chips were then developed to represent ideal combinations of these three attributes while capitalizing on the unique properties of French and American oak. “For years, many have defined the anticipated flavor of oak alternatives by the color derived during the toasting process,” explains David Llodrá, research and development director. “However, it’s been proven that color chemistry is not directly linked to flavor. While ‘medium toast’ and ‘high toast’ descriptors do help distinguish between products, Next Generation chips are defined by a new way of thinking – the true impact of a product on wine.” Next Generation chips also benefit from new advancements in toasting technology. “We developed a new process and corresponding technology that can change temperature quickly and more accurately,” said Llodrá. “This creates unique flavors through precise manipulation of French and American oak’s many attributes”.
Nomacorc, the world’s leading producer of alternative wine closures, is celebrating the second anniversary of its partnership with TerraCycle, Inc., the world’s leader in the collection and reuse of nonrecyclable waste. The companies have worked together to expand the Cork Brigade™, a free program that collects synthetic and natural wine closures and “upcycles” them into corkboards for the home or office.
Modern winemakers must be efficient, and at the same time supply products in accordance with buyers’ increasing environmental consciousness as well as consumers’ increasing demands for “natural” or even organic products.
Sonoma County-based Westcoast Solar Energy has completed a dynamic solar installation of 247 panels at Schug Carneros Estate Winery in celebration of Schug’s 30th anniversary.
Martin McCarthy, Sales Manager of Tonnellerie Radoux USA Inc., announced that effective February 1, 2011 Dan Brick of Brick Packaging, who has been representing Tonnellerie Radoux barrels, tanks and Pronektar alternative products for oenology for the last six years in the Upper Midwest, will expand his territory to include the entire Midwest and the East Coast.
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