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A-B-C, Tarpon Springs, Fla., announces the Model 70 partition opener/inserter with a dual servo powered partition handling device and no-tools changeover. The twin servos drive the partition indexing/opening and inserting, blending these two independent steps into one harmonious action that ensures gentle handling for smooth opening, precise placement and efficient case packing. Lateral stabilizers square the partition after opening to “lock” the partition’s interlocking panels and ensure smooth insertion into the waiting case or tray. A new video on A-B-C’s website shows the Model 70 partition opener/inserter in operation.
Cellar-Tek Supplies opened the doors on its new energy-efficient, xeriscaped building at 1043 Richter St. The “green” building was built using new sandwich insulated pre-cast concrete walls and special roofing materials which raise the insulation-factor up from the commercial building norm of R-10 to and impressive R-24. In an effort to maintain its “green” status inside and out, Cellar-Tek’s President, Randy Jones, convinced City planners to forego traditional, water-wasting landscaping and replace it with xeriscape technology which utilizes plants with very low water needs.
Cryopak, Edison, N.J., leader in temperature controlled products, has released RePak120CRT™ insulated pallet shipping container. "We designed the RePak120CRT™ model because of an increase in the demand for controlled room temperature (CRT) insulated pallet containers," Anthony Alleva, Technical Services Manager, at Cryopak said. "These shippers are ideally suited for shipping cold chain shipments such as pharmaceuticals, blood products, tissues, live animals and plants that must remain in the 20°C to 30°C range." RePak120CRT™ insulated pallet shipping containers are constructed to offer superior thermal performance that is light weight, easy to use and supports even the heaviest payloads. These containers are tested against robust summer and winter profiles, are designed to maintain 15°- 25°C for up to 120 hours. Other features and benefits of the RePak120CRT™ include; •Lightweight insulated panels offer superior performance to traditional polyurethane as well as easy assembly- only 1 person needed! •Re-usable or single use capability; comes with std wood pallet or tough re-usable plastic pallet (shown)Other options include corrugated outer covering; re-usable plastic outer covering; •Designed with Re-usable Phase 22™ HDPE refrigerant packs. •Pre-conditioned at room temperature.
DeltaTRAK®, Pleasanton, Calif., a leading innovator of food safety and cold chain management solutions, today introduced its new line of bacteria detection kits. The DeltaTRAK FlashCheck® Real-Time Bacterial Enzyme Detection kits include products that can screen for the presence of harmful bacteria on surfaces of equipment and food. They provide the fastest detection of low levels of bacteria associated with contamination and foodborne illness. Using the FlashCheck Real-Time Bacterial Enzyme Detection kits will allow growers, producers and processors to identify the presence of bacteria in the product or equipment facility in as little as 20 minutes. The company is partnering with Mr. George Nakamura, a recognized national food safety and sanitation expert, to present an educational half hour session on “Pathogenic Bacteria Testing in the Field using Enzyme Detection Technology: No Lab Required,” at the 2011 Food Safety Summit April 19 – 21 in Washington, DC. To register for the session email Alex Laspinas at Additionally, the company will demonstrate the new kits at its booth #406 at the show.
E. S. I. Environmental Sensors Inc. ("ESI" or the "Company"), Vancouver, British Columbia, is pleased to announce that a new SDI-12 version of the GroPoint(TM) Lite soil moisture sensor is now available. This new SDI-12 output will appeal to markets for existing and new irrigation systems, as well as OEM sellers. ESI is now working with key accounts to establish 2011 product needs and requirements.
Intelligrated®, Cincinnati, Ohio, a leading North American-owned automated material handling solutions provider, announces the release of the Real Time Solutions® Trak3 xD™ and Trak3 xL™ extended display pick-to-light system. The Trak3 xD and xL system is the first in the industry to offer dynamic dual-shelf pick face and replenishment slotting capability. The new system, ideal for dense flow rack picking and put applications or general merchandise operations that require dynamic slotting of a wide variety product sizes, will be launched at Intelligrated’s ProMat booth (#2903) with in-booth demonstrations.
ITW Muller, Arlington Heights, Ill., introduces its Logo Wrap™ to ensure no load goes unnoticed and no beverage manufacturer loses the opportunity to advertise its product just because it’s on a stretch wrapped pallet. The patented technology is a cost-effective and durable alternative to traditional hand applied stickers or labels. Integrated into new or existing ITW Muller Octopus wrapping machines, the custom branded film can be applied during the normal wrapping cycle.
Pulsair Systems, Bellevue, Washington, today announces the next generation of its awarding winning Wine Cart for PNEUMATAGE or wine cap management allowing winemakers greater control and efficiency for their winemaking operations during the fermentation process and easy wine blending functions. The new Wine Cart features an entirely new valve bank allowing for easier maintenance, an improved clean air package and a redesigned touch screen controller enabling winemakers to make the best tasting wine possible.
Veris Technologies, Salina, Kan., introduces the OpticMapper, a new soil sensor for mapping soil organic matter. The OpticMapper uses an optical sensor mounted within a specially configured planter row unit—mapping soil underneath crop residue and the soil surface. The OM module attaches to the Veris Mobile Sensor Platform and can be combined with Veris soil EC sensing. This combination of sensors creates detailed maps showing the variability of several soil properties—soil texture, salinity, cation exchange capacity, and organic matter. Precise soil mapping is critical for creating management zones, accurately varying rates of nutrients, seed populations, and other inputs. This exclusive innovation, from the world leader in on-the-go soil sensor technology, represents a significant advancement for soil-specific agriculture. For more information, please visit
Intelligrated®, Cincinnati, Ohio, a leading North American-owned automated material handling solutions provider, announces its ProMat 2011 (booth #2903) and Automate 2011 (booth #714) show offerings. Focusing on "The Intelligrated Way" of providing innovative products and smart software backed by committed customer service, the company will showcase new technologies, software and service offerings, as well as host educational seminars.
Ganau’s new eco-friendly building is a blend of Italian aesthetics and sustainable principles. Ganau shows its commitment to respect our environment by installing solar panels, selecting green building materials and using high efficiency lighting and machines.
Napa Valley Think Tank (NVTT) and Societe d’Application de Recherche de Conseil en Oenologie (SARCO) today announced a strategic partnership designed to accelerate NVTT’s growth and help bring new and innovative analytical services to the Napa Valley winemaking community. Under the partnership agreement, SARCO will invest in a minority stake in NVTT as part of a broader strategy to fast-track NVTT’s expansion to offer a full range of technical and analytical services.
Tonnellerie Saury is pleased to announce the latest additions to their barrel portfolio: l’Ecrin and Tradition Bourgogne
Enartis Vinquiry, Windsor, CA, has developed various technologies applicable to the field of enology. Two new advancements include the Immuno Test method to detect unstable proteins and the CheckStab α2008 Life to test for tartrate stability.
Springfield, Ohio - Moyno® 500 Grinder Pumps from Moyno, Inc., feature compact, lightweight designs that combine an efficient solids reduction unit with a high performance progressing cavity pump.
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