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Monadnock Paper Mills Inc., an industry leader in the manufacture of sustainably designed and customized paper solutions, launches Monadnock Envi™ PC 100 Wine Label, a new line of papers designed exclusively for the eco-conscious vintner’s labeling requirements.
Nixalite of America Inc. is offering Bare Hand Vineyard and Crop Bird Netting.
R.F. MacDonald Co., Hayward, CA, invites boiler owners and operators to attend CLEAR THE AIR Boiler Emissions workshops with four scheduled dates throughout the Bay Area in June. New boiler regulations are now in effect, which may have a potential impact on any business or operation using a boiler, water heater or steam generator. These workshops will help owners and operators determine the specific emissions requirements for the different sizes of boilers, registration and permitting requirements, dates the new regulations take effect, compliance options and exemptions. For more information regarding dates and locations, please visit www.rfmacdonald.com.
The Seamless Sanitary Drum, newly released by Skolnik Industries, Inc., Chicago, IL, can be used for processing SuperClean contents or for safe transport of the most aggressive chemicals, including nitric acid. Unlike stainless steel drums, which contain a small interior crevice, the Seamless Sanitary Drum has no interior crevice, which results in a top and bottom that is fully curved. The drums are available in Open Head, Closed Head or as a Processing drum. The drums are also UN certified for dangerous goods. For more information about the Seamless Sanitary Drum, call (800) 441-8780 or visit www.skolnik.com.
Springfield, Ohio – Genuine Moyno® replacement parts ensure that Moyno pumps continue to provide the original, high-quality performance and long service life that has been verified by customers for nearly 75 years to lower total cost of ownership. Moyno replacement parts precisely and consistently meet all product design parameters, quality standards and manufacturing tolerances. Moyno replacement parts install correctly the first time, ensure accurate form and fit to meet original product specifications and protect product warranties.
Nixalite of America Inc., East Moline, IL, is now offering Bare Hand™ Vineyard and Crop Bird Netting to effectively keep pest birds from damaging crops and increase the amount of fruit procured during the harvest. Two types of netting is available, the diamond mesh Bare Hand™ FLEX Netting and the square mesh Bare Hand™ EASY-FIT Netting. The Premium and Super Premium grades allow for up to three or more seasons of use or up to six or more seasons of use, respectively. For more information regarding Nixalite and their products, please call (800) 624-1189 or visit www.nixalite.com/barehandsnet.aspx.
Wine Bottle Recycling, LLC has changed their business operating name to Wine Bottle Renew. The name change was made to more closely communicate the service the business provides. Wine Bottle Renew processes pre- and post-consumer wine bottles through a sophisticated process of sorting, inspection, label removal, washing, sanitation and final quality inspection. The company’s product is called a Renew bottle.
Press Release - (Napa, CA, June 8, 2010)—CellarPass, the wine industry’s leading reservation system for booking wine tours and tastings via the internet, has announced it will open an office in Delaware in mid-June in a strategic move to better service East Coast winery customers and consumers. The company, owned by partners Tim Campbell and Jonathan Elliman, is currently headquartered in Napa, California. 
Rivercap SA, Lapuebla de Labarca, Spain, and Sparflex SA, Epernay, France, have joined forces to synergize their commercial and manufacturing cork-finished wine and spirits operations. This new group aims to offer better customer service, a larger range of products, state-of-the-art technology and a manufacturing capacity on several continents. The combination of industrial strength and the geographic locations will give this team world reach from its commercial manufacturing sites in France, Spain and the USA. The Sparflex and Rivercap agreement is exclusive to their capsule operations for still wines and spirits.
Dosatron International, Inc., Clearwater, FL, launched the Li’l Bud-D 5-gallon DosaCart, complementary to the full-size 15-gallon DosaCart, as an easy way to inject fertilizer, pesticides, and other common growing chemicals in hard-to-access areas that cannot be reached by the facility’s plumbing system. The Li’l Bud-D’s smaller size works well for spot treatments, as well as applications that use smaller amounts of chemicals and navigation in garden center aisles and other small spaces. Along with the 5-gallon bucket and lid, the new cart features high-quality polyethylene construction for superior durability and 10” no-flat tires. Dosatron has also developed a Quick Hook-Up Kit specifically for the Li’l Bud-D and the Dosatron injector to help protect the cart from damage and tip-over. In addition, the lower price point makes the Li’l Bud-D an accessible portable fertilizer injection solution for growers of all sizes.
Intelligrated®, Cincinnati, OH, announces the latest entry-level addition to its existing line of Alvey palletizers and depalletizers, the Alvey GS100 family of palletizers. The Alvey GS100 series provides a durable and reliable automated solution at an affordable price, offering a complete range of pallet-handling options with high-quality, flexible, and robust construction. This family of palletizers is well-suited for both large, multi-line palletizing projects and smaller operations looking to convert from manual to automatic palletizing for ergonomic or labor-saving reasons. Within the Alvey GS100 series, operators can easily create, store and change patterns by utilizing the palletizer’s pattern utility function and touchscreen Operator Interface Terminal (OIT), whether it is with the manual pallet handling (Alvey GS120), the semi-automated pallet handling (Alvey GS130) or the fully-automated pallet handling (Alvey GS140).
O-I, the world’s largest glass packaging manufacturer, is demonstrating its commitment to the education of future vintners by supplying more than 458 cases of glass wine bottles to the UC Davis Department of Viticulture and Enology.
Scott Laboratories Inc., Petaluma, CA, will introduce a proprietary line of tannins – Scott’Tan™ tannins – for the 2010 harvest. These new tannins have been developed for and aimed at creating products specifically for North American needs and requirements. The Scott’Tan™ tannin range will feature six fermentation tannins, including a 100 percent grape skin tannin, as well as five cellaring and finishing tannins. For more information about the Scott’Tan™ tannin range and other services and products Scott Laboratories supply, please visit www.scottlab.com.
Four more Lallemand products are now listed and comply with the OMRI Standards Manual and the OMRI Policy Manual, which are based on the requirements of the USDA National Organic Program Rule (7 CFR Part 205). The products approuved for OMRI listing are Fermaid O™, GoFerm®, Noblesse™ and Fortiferm®.
This month, Nomacorc, Zebulon, N.C., launches NomaSense O2 Prime, under its NomaSense brand, a product manufactured to measure oxygen exposure specifically during bottling. This cost-effective and specialized device is designed with a measuring range ideal for bottling applications. It provides a quick and reliable assessment with an easy-to-read display that shows how much oxygen is captured in the dissolved and gaseous states of the bottling process. The O2 Prime further guarantees a consistent amount of oxygen ingress in each bottle.


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