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The new Pioneer utility vehicles by Honda feature an all-new, twin-cylinder 999cc engine. Honda claims the new Pioneer is the first side-by-side utility vehicle with a 6-speed fully automatic beltless transmission. The Pioneer 1000 is offered in four different configurations, from the base three-person version to the deluxe five-person model, which features 14-inch aluminum wheels, 27-inch radial tires, LED headlights and electric power steering. Every Pioneer 1000 comes standard with four-wheel-drive, as well as a high-low sub-transmission and 4-mode differential lock. 
The Hybrid 44P, or shipping bin, by Macro Plastics is meant for transporting grapes and other agricultural products cross-country or long distances. The new injection-molded, plastic bulk shipping container with a 48” x 44” base maximizes space utilization in refrigerated containers, and then disassembles for a return ratio of about 5 to 1. Named as one of the top ten new products at the 2015 World Ag Expo, the new bins allow for two-way or four-way lift truck entry and are available with solid or vented sides. The Shipper Bin also features an interlocking design to keep stacks straight and secure, and a bruise buffer zone between stacks to protect product within adjacent bins.  
Randox Food Diagnostics released the RX altona wine analyzer that features both LED and halogen detection systems. The device has a testing range in wavelengths from 280 nm to 700 nm, and Randox claims the altona offers “outstanding” accuracy producing results within +/- 1% of UK lab accreditation standards. A new self-monitoring program detects potential analysis problems and reports them to the user. The system is designed to detect issues such as air bubbles and clots and monitor environmental conditions to prevent overheating.  
The new iColor line of digital printers by Uninet are designed for prototype, custom and variable data labeling. The iColor 700 and 900 printers feature low temperature LED printing, can print on pre-die cut and kiss cut labels and a patented feed system. "Our digital label printing equipment is perfect for companies who are tired of paying minimum order, plate and per color fees. It’s time to save time and money by going digital and bringing label printing in house” said Joe Dovi, COO at Uninet. 
Napa, CA and New York, NY, June 17, 2015—The two leaders in the wine on tap category, Free Flow Wines and Gotham Project, today announced a joint venture for a state-of-the-art production facility on the East Coast. The new kegging facility is expected to open in late 2015 in Kearny, New Jersey, subject to regulatory approval. The facility will be adjacent to the largest port in the country for imported wines and will offer kegging and logistics support to wineries, importers and distributors on the East Coast. Both companies will continue separate operations, with the joint facility enabling Free Flow Wines to better service clients on the East Coast and in Europe and allowing the Gotham Project to scale its business.
Shelton, Connecticut June 17, 2015 – SecureRF, a leading provider of security solutions for the Internet of Things, has been selected by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to present its lightweight, efficient asymmetric agreement protocol, the Algebraic Eraser (AE), at their upcoming Lightweight Cryptography Workshop 2015, July 20-21, 2015 in Gaithersburg, MD. At the event, which shines a spotlight on issues related to the security and resource requirements of applications in constrained environments, SecureRF will highlight key findings contained in their paper: Algebraic Eraser: A lightweight, efficient asymmetric key agreement protocol for use in no-power, low-power, and IoT devices. In the paper, SecureRF outlines key performance advantages of its Public-Key Diffie-Hellman style agreement protocol, AE, and how it outperforms other commercially available solutions to provide identification, authentication and encryption security for low power devices found on the Internet of Things. Specifically, in comparison against Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), AE performed significantly better in both hardware and software – showing a 70 to 200 times improvement over ECC in speed and power (65nm CMOS). “SecureRF is honored to be selected to present what we believe to be a next generation asymmetric security protocol,” said SecureRF CEO Louis Parks. “The Algebraic Eraser is the world’s first and only linear-in-time algorithm that offers an ultra-low power, very fast security solution to address devices that are part of the Internet of Things. We are excited to have our methods reviewed by NIST and look forward to presenting the details of the Algebraic Eraser to conference attendees.” In addition to authentication, AE’s linear-in-time methods support a wide range of other cryptographic functions including identification, encryption/decryption, HASH functions, and is available via partnerships and licensing arrangements.
(Fairfield – CA) – If you are shipping produce cross-country or internationally and are still using wasteful cardboard or wood bins, you should consider switching to the Hybrid 44P or “Shipper Bin” from Macro Plastics. This new injection-molded plastic bulk shipping container with a 48” x 44” base maximizes space utilization in refrigerated containers when full, and then disassembles easily for an unmatched return ratio of about 5 to 1.
Petaluma, CA. Oenofrance USA LLC, leaders in winemaking supply and biotechnology, has announced Davison Winery Supplies as their exclusive distributor for the state of Oregon. Since beginning operations in California last August, Oenofrance USA has been expanding their network, and are now pleased to include Davison, a highly regarded and trusted outlet for winery supplies and additives based in Northern Oregon.
Carolina Locust, Inc., reports its new vineyard posts made with Black Locust, or Robinia pseudoacacia, which is a type of American hardwood tree, are a sustainable alternative to posts produced with pressure-treated wood. The company claims its chemical free, non-toxic posts can last 50 years or more.
Enartis Vinquiry and Vintessential are now offering kits to run enzymatic analysis with a spectrophotometer. The kits include enough reagents to run 30 to 100 tests for acetic acid, ammonia, amino acid nitrogen, citric acid, glucose/fructose, gluconic acid, lactic acid, malic acid and sucrose.,
InnoVint released its new real-time, wine production software that is designed to track every operation from the vineyard to the bottling line. The cloud-based system utilizes mobile devices for data entry and work orders. According to the manufacturer, InnoVint allows for a winemaker to assign work orders directly to mobile devices and those jobs can then be recorded remotely to provide real-time record-keeping and database updates. The system also provides for detailed reporting of all wine transfers, additions and other analytics. 
The Algorithm Marketplace is a new feature of PrecisionHawk's datamapper system that provides automated analysis of data acquired by unmanned aerial vehicles. Drone operators can apply one of more than 100 analysis algorithms to interpret data collected by their machines. "We spent the past 18 months aggregating more than 100 aerial analysis algorithms from leading research partners in North America and Europe," said Dr. Ally Ferguson, PrecisionHawk director of geospatial.
The Oak Mill’s latest blend of oak spirals is the “Big Roast,” which features up to three spirals that are “flame-finished” after convection oven toasting “to create a charred top layer over a medium-toasted core.” According to the supplier, the char layer contributes a charcoal note that can complement lush, dark red wines.
The new CI-600 imaging device by CID Bio-Science is designed to provide high-resolution images of a plant’s root system to allow a grower to observe root development and functionality. According to Caltec Ag Inc., the company that markets the product, the CI-600 can be used to identify root flush, nematode cysts, diseases, moisture conditions, root size, direction of root growth as well as help ensure the proper timing for fertilizer applications. Images are uploaded directly to an included tablet, which is equipped with software to assist with root imaging analysis., 
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