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August 2015 Data Released on 09.15.2015
Flash Website Offers Rise by 5%
Total flash offers increased 5% in August over the previous year in part because of a high number of offers from Last Bottle Wines, Lot 18 and Invino. Many of Last Bottle Wines' offers were for pricier bottles and that pushed the website's average flash price to $137.
Flash Reseller Offers » Month   12 Months  
August 2015 630
August 2014 601 6,310

Focus on Cabernet Sauvignon
Many of those high-priced wines were Cabernet Sauvignons, and this month Wines Vines Analytics focused on the varietal that is a dominant force in direct-to-consumer and off-premise sales and takes the largest share of all flash offers. In the past 12 months through August, flash sites made 1,627 Cabernet Sauvignon offers, which is 25% of all offers in that period

Napa County accounted for 53% of all Cabernet offers in the past 12 months, but that’s down about 3% from the previous year. The number of Washington Cabernet Sauvignons offered by flash websites increased from 90 to 108. Offers for Cabernets from Sonoma County and other parts of California stayed about the same compared to last year. 


Broken down by price segment, the offers for Cabernet Sauvignon have stayed rather constant. Half of all the Cabernet Sauvignon offered by the reseller websites in the past 12 months have flash prices of less than $40, with wines with flash prices of $19.99 and less accounting for slightly more than half of these offers. The same was true in 2014 and 2013. The number of flash offers with prices of $100 and higher has crept from 49 in 2013 to 77 in 2015.





Flash Methodology
Wines Vines Analytics’ research team captures flash offer details on hundreds of domestic wine offers each week. The team monitors offers presented on 17 flash reseller sites every day of the year. Each offer is reviewed and tied to the source winery and the specific details are recorded in a database of flash offers.

When flash websites hold special events with a high number of offers, the team monitors the website closely, with multiple site visits within each hour, often capturing a new offer every few minutes. At the close of each month, the offers are reviewed for accuracy, and the findings are reported by Wines & Vines editorial staff for the current month along with time-series comparisons on pricing, winery size and wine types.

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