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October 2013 Data Released on 11.14.2013
Flash Offers at Same Level as 2012
Flash offers for domestic wines in October stayed at the same level as October 2012. Last Call Wines, which offers one wine until it's sold out, led the flash segment with 102 offers. The average retail price for wines offered in October was $47, and the average flash price was $32, for an average discount of 32%.
Flash Reseller Offers » Month   12 Months  
October 2013 447
October 2012 440 5,290

Chardonnay in the Flash Segment
Chardonnay represents 12% of the flash offers for U.S. wines in the past 12 months. While it's the most popular variety in the off-premise channel, Chardonnay alternates with red blends as the third and fourth most-offered wine by flash resellers. While prices for red blends can vary dramatically because of offers for high-end Napa Valley blends, Chardonnay flash prices typically fall between $9 and $19.99. More than 70%, or 446, of the 619 Chardonnays offered in the past 12 months, were in this price range. The average price of all Chardonnay was $31, and the average flash price was $18.

Chardonnay Offers by Flash Price

At the high end, more than 100 offers came in the $20-$29.99 range, meaning 89% of the Chardonnay wines sold through flash sites are offered for less than $30. And the most expensive Chardonnays don’t have flash prices higher than $50, with the one notable exception being an offer by Last Bottle Wines for a bottle of 2002 San Luis Obispo Chardonnay from Sine Qua Non with a retail price of $350 and a flash price of $178.

Chardonnay Offers by Flash Resellers

Nine out of every 10 bottles of the domestic Chardonnay offered by flash sites in the past 12 months were from California, with Napa and Sonoma counties accounting for about two-thirds of the total bottles. Last Call Wines’s 143 offers for Chardonnay was the most by a major reseller.

New Flash Website
In other flash news, the new website Underground Cellar launched in September. The website offers a unique model in which customers have the chance to essentially win an upgrade to their wine order. The company offers three wines of varying quality but with a base offer price. For example, a recent offer for Sonoma County Pinot Noir featured Keller Estate (average wine retail price $44, according to Wines Vines Analytics), Martinelli Winery ($50) and Kistler Vineyards ($80). The offer price was $22, and the buyer was most likely to receive a wine by Keller but had a chance of receiving a 1999 Kistler. In October, Underground Cellar made four domestic wine offers.

Flash Sites Compared For October

Flash Discounts for Sample of Chardonnay Offered in October

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