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February 2014 Data Released on 03.13.2014
Flash Offers for Wine Stable
With just 23 more offers this February than in 2013, total offers for domestic wines remained steady. Wines Til Sold Out (WTSO) had the highest average discount of 52% for its 61 offers from 40 different wineries. Invino posted the most offers with 83, but had one of the lower average discounts of 40%.
Flash Reseller Offers » Month   12 Months  
February 2014 408
February 2013 385 5,366

Winery Participation Through Flash Sites
Although the number of wineries with flash offers each month has steadily increased since Wines Vines Analytics starting tracking flash offers it appears the total number of wineries participating in the channel is on the decrease.

Generally the number of unique wineries making an offer has increased each month, yet a detailed look at the offers reveals they’re often from the same wineries. Based on data for the past 12 months through February, the total number of wineries with a flash offer was 1,041 or 13% of all U.S. wineries. For the 12 months ending in November 2012, 1,352 wineries, or 18% of all wineries made a flash offer. The rate of participation fell for wineries of all sizes except for the 56 largest that produce more than 500,000 cases of wine.

U.S. Producers Using Flash Channel by Winery Size

Of the 1,041 total wineries with an offer, most of them are small wineries making between 5,000 to 49,000 cases a year. These wineries accounted for 373, or 36%, of the wineries with an offer. Small wineries, or those making 1,000 to 4,999 cases, had the next highest share of 30% or 313 offers.

U.S. Producers Using Flash Channel by Bottle Price

Wineries with an average bottle price above $50 had the highest level of participation in flash offers, 26%, and the lowest was for wineries with an average bottle price of $1 to $19.99. Most offers came from wineries with an average bottle price of $30 to $49.99. This category accounted for 438 wineries with an offer in the past 12 months or 42%.

Who’s Typically Making an Offer?
Based on previous metrics reports on the location of wineries using flash sites and the types of wines being offered — as well as this data from the Wines Vines Analytics winery database — one can put together a rough portrait of the typical domestic winery using a flash site. This would be a winery in California, most likely in Napa or Sonoma county, making 5,000 to 49,000 total cases and selling Cabernet Sauvignon at around $40 a bottle.

Flash Sites Compared For February

Flash Discounts for a Sample of Red Blend Wines

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