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ARS/SWASH Sanitizing Equipment    


Wide range of products for cleaning, sanitizing and sterilizing equipment and the winery facility. ARS offers barrel room humidification equipment. Repair and maintenance services for all brands throughout CA.  

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(707) 942-8330

Sales Contact(s)

Glenn Caster

Sales Manager

Direct Phone: (562) 946-3505 ext. 32

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Richard Kaish

Sales Representative

Direct Phone: (508) 759-9019

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Mark Grote

Sales Representative

Direct Phone: (562) 552-4621

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Dan Humphries

Sales Representative

Direct Phone: (614) 519-3205

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Alan Silverstein

Sales Representative

Direct Phone: (541) 760-7411

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Christine Gonzales

Sales Representative

Direct Phone: (925) 330-4363

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Chris Riordan

Sales Representative

Direct Phone: (760) 613-3052

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Peter Glockner

Sales Representative

Direct Phone: (250) 868-3186

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Eduardo Montano

Sales Representative

Direct Phone: +55 6461 721311

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Dave Mandel

Sales Representative

Direct Phone: (919) 624-0739

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Mailing Address

15554 Minnesota Ave
Paramount, CA 90723

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Location Address

15554 Minnesota Ave
Paramount, CA 90723

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Company Profile


BarMaid, Biomist, Bitard, ClearwaterTech, CMA, Electro-Steam, Fogmaster, Hydro-Tek, Miele, Moog


With a heritage in medical products sterilization, ARS/SWASH is the leading provider of cleaning and sanitizing equipment in North America. Our 45 years of experience in cleaning and sanitizing bottling lines, tanks, product transfer lines, barrels as well as facility floors, walls and outdoor areas uniquely positions us to respond to virtually any customer need. Our factory in California also provides custom manufacturing to meet the most challenging requirements.

ARS/SWASH Sanitizing Equipment
offers the following products and/or services:

     General (2956)
         Safety & Maintenance (105)
             Maintenance / Cleaning / Management (30)
                 Maintenance / Cleaning (30)
     Winery (2737)
         Cooperage (310)
             Barrel Washers (30)
                 Semi-automatic (29)
                 Automatic (14)
             Barrel Accessories (47)
                 Barrel Accessories (49)
         Tasting Rooms (486)
             Tasting Room Equipment (23)
                 Stemware Washers (7)
         Winery Equipment (1101)
             Bottling Line (147)
                 Rinsers / Washers (32)
             Cleaning / Sterilization Equipment (99)
                 Chemical (60)
                 Hot Water (77)
                 Steam (71)
             Custom Machinery and Fabrication (109)
                 Custom Machinery and Fabrication (108)
             Humidity Control / Foggers / Readers (28)
                 Humidity Control / Foggers / Readers (28)
             Tanks (214)
                 Cleaning Equipment (43)
             Micro-oxygenation (19)
                 Micro-oxygenation (20)
         Winery Supplies (382)
             Chemicals (68)
                 Cleaning (39)
             Gases / Ozone (25)
                 Ozone for Cleaning (17)

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