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Canton Cooperage    


The finest premium American oak barrels. Open-air seasoned & HACCP process certified. Grand Cru Limited Edition 4 year barrel, Grand Cru 3 year, Vintage Premium 3 year, Vintage 2 year open-air seasoned and Spirit barrels. 200L, 225L, 228L, 265L, 300L  
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(707) 836-9742


(707) 836-9759

Sales Contact(s)

Bruno Rémy

Vice President Marketing & Sales

Cell Phone: (707) 495-6663

Email address:


Brian Geagan

Senior Area Sales Manager

Cell Phone: (707) 484-2628

Email address:


Katie Mattas

Area Sales Manager

Cell Phone: (707) 837-6033

Email address:


Carlos Luis

Sales Agent

Direct Phone: (905) 468-3719

Cell Phone: (905) 321-1664

Email address:


Brad McCarthy

Sales Agent

Cell Phone: (434) 242-5473

Email address:


David Day

Area Sales Manager

Cell Phone: (707) 892-3144

Email address:



Mailing Address

131 Stony Cir, Ste 400
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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Location Address

131 Stony Cir, Ste 400
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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Canton crafts the finest American oak barrels, selecting the highest quality oak; natural open-air seasoned staves (certified); toasting barrels precisely with computer monitoring; traditionally crafted in a modern facility; HACCP process; full traceability & food safety controls (certified). Grand Cru Limited Edition 4 year (extra fine grain, air-seasoned 48 mo.), Grand Cru (extra fine, 36 mo.) Vintage Premium (fine, 36 mo.) Vintage (fine, 24 mo.). We offer: 200L, 225L, 228L, 265L, 300L & 500L. New Spirit barrel 200L char toasted for bourbon, whiskies, rum, tequila aging.

Canton Cooperage
offers the following products and/or services:

     Winery (2660)
         Cooperage (296)
             Barrels (169)
                 Barrels (149)
             Casks (oak) (76)
                 Casks (oak) (76)
             Cooperage Supplies & Services (54)
                 Cooperage Supplies & Services (54)
             Flavoring Agents & Color (26)
                 Flavoring Agents & Color (26)
             Oak Barrel Alternatives (86)
                 Staves (69)
                 Cubes (45)
                 Chips (68)
                 Segments (50)
             Barrel Accessories (44)
                 Barrel Accessories (47)


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