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Saverglass, Inc.    


Recognized for its innovation, its glassmaking expertise and the quality of its products and designs, Saverglass is the partner of choice for creative wineries and the world's leading brands of fine wines, Champagne and sparkling wines.  
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(707) 259-2930


(707) 259-2933

Sales Contact(s)

Petra Gillier

Sales Manager

Direct Phone: (707) 259-2930

Email address:


Cortney Etherton

Sales Manager

Direct Phone: (859) 308-7130

Email address:


Jyll Vidal

Sales Manager

Direct Phone: (707) 259-2930

Email address:


Kelly Kerbs

Sales Manager

Direct Phone: (707) 337-1479

Email address:


Stéphane Stanton

Sales Manager

Direct Phone: (410) 340-7477

Email address:


Franck Collet


Direct Phone: (707) 259-2930

Email address:


Romain Bacus

Vice President Operations

Direct Phone: (707) 259-2930

Email address:



Mailing Address

841 Latour Ct, Ste B
Napa, CA 94558

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Location Address

107 Spring St, Ste 210
Ramsey, NJ 07446

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Company Profile


Art & Touch, ColorPlay, DataMatrix, Savercoat, SaverDec


When it comes to differentiation and sophistication, the company has been producing wine bottles that have broken the shackles of traditional design. Playing with innovative shapes, exceptional colors, distinctive punt shapes, geometric shoulders, bodies and thick glass bases, Saverglass has created an original and imaginative design tableau that has shifted away from traditional glass packaging design in the wine industry. With more than 250 lines and a real depth to the product range (from 50 ml to 6 L), Saverglass collection currently boasts of having the largest range on the market.

Saverglass, Inc.
offers the following products and/or services:

     Winery (2737)
         Packaging (875)
             Bottle Decorating (84)
                 Bottle Decorating (85)
             Bottles (104)
                 Bottles (104)
             Boxes (104)
                 Boxes (105)
             Cartons & Containers (Incl. Bar Code-UPC) (75)
                 Cartons & Containers (Incl. Bar Code-UPC) (76)
             Closures (120)
                 Glass Stoppers (25)
             Authentication Solutions (55)
                 Authentication Solutions (55)


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