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YSI, Inc.    


Instrumentation for measuring alcohols, sugars, amino acids and electrolytes, dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity and temperature. Technologies also allow rapid, direct measurement of dissolved oxygen in the wine bottle or pH in the grape.  
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YSI 2900 Biochemistry Analyzer


(800) 897-4151


(937) 767-9353

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John Dwyer

North American Sales Manager

Cell Phone: (781) 424-9893

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1725 Brannum Ln
Yellow Springs, OH 45387

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1725 Brannum Ln
Yellow Springs, OH 45387

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YSI 2900, YSI 2950, YSI 5010-W, YSI MultiLab, YSI TruLab


With over 10,000 instruments in use worldwide, YSI Life Sciences is the leading provider of biochemistry analysis for a wide range of food and beverage, bioprocess and research applications. Leveraging our innovative biosensor technology, YSI's biochemistry analyzers provide rapid, accurate analysis of carbohydrates, alcohols, amino acids and electrolytes. YSI also offers comprehensive, easy-to-operate and highly accurate instruments for measuring dissolved oxygen, pH, mV (ORP) ISE and temperature for wine and other food and beverage applications.

YSI, Inc.
offers the following products and/or services:

     Winery (2734)
         Winery Equipment (1097)
             Laboratory Equipment/Analyzers/Instruments (151)
                 Alcohol Analyzers (34)
                 Instruments (90)
                 Sensors & Analyzers (54)
                 pH Meters (58)

YSI, Inc.
YSI 2950 Analyzer
YSI 5010 Wine Bottle Probe
YSI 2900

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