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Global Package, LLC    


Specializing in bottles, packaging design and decoration services for wine, spirits and food companies. With stocks of quality and unique bottles, our focus is on specialty bottles, pewter labels, custom cartons and stoppers for wines and spirits.  
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(707) 224-5670


(707) 224-8170

Sales Contact(s)

Erica Harrop


Direct Phone: (707) 224-5670

Cell Phone: (707) 294-7899

Email address:


Kathy Feder

Office Manager

Direct Phone: (707) 224-5670

Email address:


Mary Riley


Direct Phone: (707) 224-5670

Email address:


Anne-Marie Ammann

In-House Sales

Direct Phone: (707) 224-5670

Cell Phone: (707) 474-2332

Email address:


Mary Olesen


Direct Phone: (707) 224-5670

Email address:


Debbie Schnepf


Direct Phone: (805) 637-9195

Email address:



Mailing Address

PO Box 634
Napa, CA 94559

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Location Address

2793 Napa Valley Corporate Dr
Napa, CA 94558

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Company Profile


Estal, Etiq'Etain, Saverglass, Vetreria Etrusca, VetriSpeciali, VetroElite, Vidrala, VOA


Global Package is a unique packaging company that offers solutions to locate the right bottle for wines and spirits from factories around the world. With 30 years experience in glass and 10 years in wine and spirits production, Erica Harrop has first-hand knowledge of the global production offerings and can develop a project with care and ease. Her staff has over 80 years' experience to draw on to assist with bottle selection and development. Each year at least 20 new shapes are created by Erica and Estal Packaging to bring new and interesting bottles to the US market offerings.

Global Package, LLC
offers the following products and/or services:

     Winery (2734)
         Packaging (875)
             Bottle Decorating (84)
                 Bottle Decorating (85)
             Bottles (104)
                 Bottles (104)
             Boxes (104)
                 Boxes (105)
             Cartons & Containers (Incl. Bar Code-UPC) (75)
                 Cartons & Containers (Incl. Bar Code-UPC) (76)
             Closures (121)
                 Synthetic Corks (49)
                 Glass Stoppers (25)
             Design Services (206)
                 Design Services (206)
             Labels (233)
                 Custom Labeling Service (142)
                 Label Printing (185)
             Packaging & Shipping Material (171)
                 Packaging & Shipping Material (171)
             Printing (91)
                 Packaging Printing (80)

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