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Industry-leading supplier of rigid packaging glass, plastic and metal containers, closures, dispensers, plastic & metal tubes. Award-winning design group provides custom package design & development services and packaging component molds.  
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(314) 569-3633


(314) 569-5087

Sales Contact(s)

Mark Shepherd

Executive Vice President

Direct Phone: (972) 624-3600

Email address:


Brett Binkowski

Executive Vice President

Direct Phone: (630) 783-6900

Email address:


Ed Logue

Executive Vice President

Direct Phone: (508) 261-3300

Email address:


Suzie Fenton

VP, Brand Marketing

Direct Phone: (314) 569-3633

Email address:


Keith Strope

President & CEO

Direct Phone: (314) 569-3633

Email address:



Mailing Address

6 CityPlace Dr, Ste 1000
St. Louis, MO 63141

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6 CityPlace Dr, Ste 1000
St. Louis, MO 63141

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Company Profile


TricorBraun helps our customers bring new and existing products to market efficiently. We are one of the packaging industry's largest suppliers of rigid packaging in North America, with pre-qualified global sources through our office in Guangzhou, China, staffed with professionals providing sourcing expertise and factory qualification. We also maintain and office in the UK and strategic supplier relationships in Europe. TricorBraun Design & Engineering, a fully integrated design studio combines package & graphic design and custom mold building within one organization.

offers the following products and/or services:

     Winery (2736)
         Packaging (875)
             Bag-In-Box (31)
                 Bag-in-Box (31)
             Bottles (104)
                 Bottles (104)
             Closures (120)
                 Screwcaps (63)
             Design Services (206)
                 Design Services (206)
             Other Packaging (111)
                 Other Packaging (115)
             Wine Kegs (27)
                 Stainless Steel Wine Kegs (21)
             Wine Pouch (15)
                 Wine Pouch (15)


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