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Fogg Filler Co.    


Fogg Filler designs and builds custom rotary rinsers, fillers and cappers that can be placed in a plant or in a semi to create a mobile filling line.  

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(616) 786-3644

Sales Contact(s)

Ben Jewell

Sales Representative

Direct Phone: (616) 796-8824

Cell Phone: (616) 368-1859

Email address:


Mike Raczynski

Sales Manager

Direct Phone: (616) 738-0263

Cell Phone: (616) 886-1869

Email address:


Tim Hilldore

Sales Representative

Direct Phone: (616) 594-5443

Cell Phone: (616) 836-3589

Email address:


Jay Langejans

Sales Representative

Direct Phone: (616) 786-3644

Cell Phone: (616) 886-2279

Email address:


Aaron Leech

Sales Representative

Direct Phone: (616) 738-8927

Cell Phone: (616) 848-9740

Email address:


Eric Lokker

Carbonated Sales Representative

Direct Phone: (616) 377-7101

Cell Phone: (616) 368-1880

Email address:



Mailing Address

3455 John F Donnelly Dr
Holland, MI 49424

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Location Address

3455 John F Donnelly Dr
Holland, MI 49424

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Company Profile


Fogg Filler designs and builds custom filling machinery for the beverage industry around the world. Fogg is uniquely filling the gap between traditional packaging and aseptic packaging, boasting extremely high yields and less product loss. Fogg ESL lines commonly run 20%-40% higher in line efficiency than their aseptic competitors, allowing the manufacturer to quickly regain their initial investment. The equipment can be placed in your plant or in a semi for a mobile filling line.

Fogg Filler Co.
offers the following products and/or services:

     Winery (2737)
         Packaging (875)
             Machinery (139)
                 Capping, Corking, Sealing (37)
         Winery Equipment (1101)
             Bottling Line (147)
                 Cappers / Capsuling (48)
                 Fillers, Rotary (33)
                 Rinsers / Washers (32)
         Winery Services (276)
             Mobile Bottling (52)
                 Mobile Bottling (52)

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