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AstraPouch offers the leading flexible packaging alternative to the glass bottle. Give your customers the convenience and freshness that the Astrapouch®, Astropaq®, Astrobag® and AstroMini® offer. Comes in multiple pouch and BIB sizes.  

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(585) 259-9202


Mailing Address

38 Hickory Ln
Penfield, NY 14625

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Location Address

38 Hickory Ln
Penfield, NY 14625

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offers the following products and/or services:

     Winery (2734)
         Cooperage (310)
             Barrel Accessories (47)
                 Barrel Accessories (49)
         Packaging (875)
             Bag-In-Box (31)
                 Bag-in-Box (31)
             Bottles (104)
                 Bottles (104)
             Boxes (104)
                 Boxes (105)
             Machinery (138)
                 Packaging Machinery (58)
             Other Packaging (111)
                 Other Packaging (115)
             Wine Kegs (27)
                 Stainless Steel Wine Kegs (21)
             Wine Pouch (15)
                 Wine Pouch (15)
         Winery Equipment (1097)
             Bottling Line (146)
                 Fillers, In-Line (46)
                 Fillers, Rotary (33)
             Custom Machinery and Fabrication (108)
                 Custom Machinery and Fabrication (107)
             Tanks (212)
                 Plastic (36)
                 Portable (32)
             Used and Other Winery Equipment (62)
                 Used and Other Winery Equipment (61)
         Winery Services (276)
             Mobile Bottling (52)
                 Mobile Bottling (52)
         Winery Supplies (382)
             Winemaking Supplies (69)
                 Custom (33)
                 Home (47)
     Vineyard (1031)
         Vineyard Equipment (653)
             Storage Tanks (water or chemical) (20)
                 Storage Tanks (water or chemical) (20)

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