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Reliable Cork Solutions, LLC    


All natural cork closures fresh from Portugal. We are a 4th generation family cork producer. We provide free branding/printing and graphic artist service. Free shipping/delivery. Lead-free European wine bottles from Portugal, Spain and Italy.  
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(203) 681-7743


(860) 523-1587

Sales Contact(s)

Barry Truitt

Vice President Sales & Service

Direct Phone: (203) 681-7743

Cell Phone: (860) 335-0667

Email address:


Andrea Pape


Direct Phone: (203) 681-7743

Cell Phone: (860) 372-1485

Email address:



Mailing Address

88 Goodwin Cir
Hartford, CT 06105

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Location Address

88 Goodwin Cir
Hartford, CT 06105

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Company Profile


European Glass Bottles, Slimcork®


Family owned. All natural wine cork closures. Flor, extra, superior, Slimcork® first, second and third grade wine corks in all lengths and diameters. Colmated wine corks, NDT's and agglomerated cork closures. Champagne stoppers and bar tops. Slimcork® is only available from Reliable Cork Solutions. Slimcork® has the best price/performance ratio in the industry. RCS also warehouses and sells lead-free European wine bottles. All of our glass bottles are lead-free European glass of high quality, extensive quality control and most have the traditional punt.

Reliable Cork Solutions, LLC
offers the following products and/or services:

     Winery (2736)
         Cooperage (310)
             Flavoring Agents & Color (25)
                 Flavoring Agents & Color (25)
             Oak Barrel Alternatives (90)
                 Staves (72)
                 Chips (70)
         Packaging (875)
             Bottles (104)
                 Bottles (104)
             Closures (120)
                 Natural Corks (68)
                 Technical Closures (60)
                 Sparkling Wine Closures (49)
             Cork Printers (10)
                 Cork Printers (11)
             Packaging & Shipping Material (171)
                 Packaging & Shipping Material (171)


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