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Tonnellerie Cadus    


Cadus uses exclusively French oak for their range of barrels and casks. The company only works with oak from French forests, as defined by the French Coopers Association.  

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(805) 226-5489

Sales Contact(s)

Antoine de Thoury

General Manager

Direct Phone: +33 380 264 949

Email address:


Ryan Render

Director of Sales

Direct Phone: (805) 226-5488

Cell Phone: (805) 610-7659

Email address:


Ian Hartnett

Business Development Manager

Direct Phone: (805) 226-5488

Cell Phone: (707) 812-8894

Email address:


Denise Nielsen

Office Manager

Direct Phone: (805) 226-5488

Email address:


Gina Shay


Direct Phone: (585) 705-7500

Cell Phone: (585) 705-7500

Email address:



Mailing Address

The Lauchères
Ladoix Serrigny, 21550

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Location Address

The Lauchères
Ladoix Serrigny, 21550

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Company Profile


Although an ardent defender of French cooperage, its traditions, methods and style, Cadus also produces innovative, modern solutions to meet new client requirements. The company has worked for over 18 years with professional stave makers linked to the founders and another based in Burgundy, providing a regular supply of homogeneous, quality controlled rough staves. Cadus employs more than 30 professional coopers and has a support team managing purchases, wood stock and client relationships.

Tonnellerie Cadus
offers the following products and/or services:

     Winery (2738)
         Cooperage (310)
             Barrels (175)
                 Barrels (151)
             Bungs (52)
                 Bungs (52)
             Barrel Accessories (47)
                 Barrel Accessories (49)

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