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Steamericas, Inc.    


Steam at a constant high temperature eliminates and controls unwanted micro-organisms from various surfaces. The Optima Steamer will help you save on water, time and money with sanitizing and cleaning barrels, tanks, bottles and around the facility.  
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Wineries Thrive By Switching To The Optima Steamer


(310) 327-8900


(866) 275-3582

Sales Contact(s)

Yujin Yoo Anderson

General Manager

Direct Phone: (310) 327-8900 ext. 1003

Email address:


Curtis Anderson

Direct Phone: (310) 327-8900 ext. 1009

Email address:


Ebony Young


Direct Phone: (310) 327-8900 ext. 1001

Email address:


Cindy Lawrick


Direct Phone: (310) 327-8900 ext. 1016

Email address:



Mailing Address

808 Hindry Ave, Unit E
Inglewood, CA 90301

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Location Address

808 Hindry Ave, Unit E
Inglewood, CA 90301

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Company Profile


Optima Steamer


Steamericas specializes in commercial and industrial steam generators for cleaning and sanitizing. Our mission is to provide environmentally-friendly and cost-effective cleaning solutions. We work closely and directly with local distributors to insure the highest quality products at reasonable costs and exceptional customer service.

Steamericas, Inc.
offers the following products and/or services:

     General (2951)
         Safety & Maintenance (105)
             Maintenance / Cleaning / Management (30)
                 Maintenance / Cleaning (30)
     Winery (2734)
         Cooperage (310)
             Barrel Washers (30)
                 Semi-automatic (29)
                 Automatic (14)
         Winery Equipment (1097)
             Bottling Line (146)
                 Rinsers / Washers (32)
             Cleaning / Sterilization Equipment (99)
                 Steam (71)
             Tanks (212)
                 Cleaning Equipment (42)
             Sparkling Wine Equipment (30)
                 Washer (5)

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