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Wines & Vines offers a comprehensive collection of products: news, information, marketing, research capabilities and conferences. Look for our monthly magazine, Directory/Buyer's Guide, data products and events for comprehensive industry coverage.  
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(866) 453-9701


(415) 453-2517

Sales Contact(s)

Chet Klingensmith

President & Publisher

Direct Phone: (415) 453-9700 ext. 111

Email address:


Jim Gordon


Direct Phone: (415) 453-9700 ext. 108

Email address:


Kate Lavin

Managing Editor

Direct Phone: (415) 453-9700 ext. 110

Email address:


Andrew Adams

Senior Editor

Direct Phone: (415) 453-9700 ext. 106

Email address:


Lydia Hall

Advertising Representative, West Coast

Direct Phone: (415) 453-9700 ext. 103

Email address:


Tina Vierra

Associate Publisher, Events, Data Service

Direct Phone: (415) 453-9700 ext. 102

Email address:


Jacques Brix

Vice President & Director Sales

Direct Phone: (707) 473-0244

Cell Phone: (707) 326-4822

Email address:


Hooper Jones

Advertising Representative, Midwest

Direct Phone: (847) 486-1021

Cell Phone: (847) 903-1853

Email address:


David Bayard

Advertising Representative, International

Direct Phone: (973) 822-9275

Cell Phone: (973) 727-2020

Email address:


April Kushner


Direct Phone: (415) 453-9700 ext. 114

Email address:



Mailing Address

65 Mitchell Blvd, Ste A
San Rafael, CA 94903

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Location Address

65 Mitchell Blvd, Ste A
San Rafael, CA 94903

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Wines & Vines magazine provides news, wine industry Metrics and articles focused on boutique wineries and all wine regions in North America. The PWV content adds highly technical and in-depth information for winemakers and growers. The Directory/Buyer's Guide is the best source for buyers to make purchasing decisions. Winery, Grower, Brewer and Distributor Data enables sales analysis and contact through mail, phone and email with powerful reports and downloadable data. Wines & Vines offers two highly-focused conferences/trade shows: W&V Oak and W&V Pack.

Wines & Vines
offers the following products and/or services:

         Associations & Education
             Events & Trade Shows
                 Events & Trade Shows
                 Trade Publications
         Sales & Marketing
             Sales & Marketing Services
                 Sales & Marketing Services

Wines & Vines

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