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December 2013
by Andrew Adams
Hot Spotter by Shur Farms
Shur Farms unveiled its new Hot Spotter air drain to protect crops from frost damage. The smaller unit is designed to provide an economic solution for areas with persistent cold-air drainage issues. The electricity-powered Hot Spotter “offers growers a precise, targeted method to protect small areas in a convenient, economical manner previously unavailable,” Shur Farms says of the product. Details:

MeasureTek agricultural monitoring system
MeasureTek released its Good Measure system to provide a constant stream of real-time crop and environmental data to growers. The system consists of data loggers and communication devices that transmit data to the ResultX and ControlX systems that control a variety of remote functions for agriculture. Details:

Dosatron system dilutes acid and other materials
Dosatron International Inc. released its Ultra Lean Dilution System for fertilizer and chemical injectors. The system pre-dilutes acid and other corrosive chemicals with rates of 1:100 to 1:9 million. Other features of the water-powered unit include: multiple system configurations, no need for manual pre-dilution and an included pre-mix holding tank equipped with a mechanical float valve. Details:

Grape phenolic analysis
Enartis Vinquiry introduced its new Grape Phenolic Fingerprint service that provides data on total tannins, phenolics and anthocyanins. The new analysis employs the Australian Wine Research Institute’s Tannin Portal, which uses six UV-Vis absorbance readings to predict color, phenolics and tannins. Details:

Meritage Blend of American oak spirals
The Barrel Mill released its new “Meritage Blend” American oak spirals that combine four toasts to add increased depth, flavor and finish. The spirals replicate a new oak barrel-toasting gradient of light, medium, medium-plus and heavy toasts to complement medium-bodied wines. The 9-inch spirals are linked with food-grade nylon mesh and come in packs of six intended for use in 59- to 70-gallon barrels. Details:

Remote weather monitoring
Davis Instruments released its solar-powered Vantage Connect remote weather-monitoring system. The new system is designed as a low-cost option to monitor vineyard weather conditions from any location that has cellular coverage. Data is uploaded to the web every five, 15 or 60 minutes and is accessible via smartphone, tablet or PC. The system offers a range of alarms to alert growers to changing conditions. Details:

TeraVina retail and production software
Oztera announced the release of its TeraVina software suite, which it touts as a “dirt to dinner table” system to manage both wine production and sales. The software can be used for managing grower contracts, weigh tags, inventory, production costs, shipping and warehouse shipments. The system incorporates LS Retail to track and organize retail sales as well as wine club operations. Details:

EcoVolt microbial wastewater treatment
Cambrian Innovation Inc. unveiled its new EcoVolt wastewater-treatment system, which it claims is the “first and only” industrial-scale, bioelectric-enhanced process. The EcoVolt employs electrogenic organisms to convert wastewater pollutants into electricity that is sent to a circuit and back into an electrode, where a different set of microorganisms convert electricity and carbon dioxide into methane fuel. The methane can be used on site to produce power and heat. Details:

MyCoiffe by Amcor Flexibles
Amcor Flexibles released a new system to ensure fast and accurate ordering for custom sparkling wine capsules. The MyCoiffe system is designed to help winery staff order personalized sparkling wine capsules with short lead time and delivery available in less than two weeks. The system is accessed through a tablet, and customers use a “configurator” to create capsules from a range of different models and options including personalized text, typeface, color and ink embossing. Details:

New options for conveyor components
Emerson Industrial Automation introduced new options for its System Plast line of conveyor components. The new options include a 34-mm flat-top mini one-track belt available with either a smooth or rubberized grip-top surface as well as side flexing. The company also announced a new mobile app that enables plant engineers to design a custom-conveyor system with a choice of motors, drives, conveyor chains and guide rails. Details:

Winery partners on wine list app
Jordan Vineyard & Winery in Healdsburg, Calif., partnered with Labrador OmniMedia to develop the Tastevin digital wine list application for tablets. Jordan is launching sales of the app through its national sales network. Tastevin disseminates tasting notes, labels, photos and other media to iPads and can integrate with all major POS systems to gather on-premise sales data. The system can also be used to manage inventory and assist with staff training. Details:

Detector tube for fumigant
Nextteq announced it is now offering a detector tube for the fumigant sulfuryl fluoride. Produced by Gastec, the detector tube measures airborne levels of sulfuryl fluoride between 1 and 20 ppm, and a negative test indicates airborne levels are less than 0.4 ppm. The detector tube requires a Gastec No. 860 Pyrolyzer unit installed on a Gastec sampling pump. Details:

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