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Ohmart's New Sustainability Book Available

August 2011
by Kerry Kirkham
Cliff Ohmart View from the Vineyard
Wines & Vines columnist Dr. Cliff Ohmart brings reason and clarity to sustainable viticulture in his new book, “View from the Vineyard—A Practical Guide to Sustainable Winegrape Growing.”

Calling upon decades of experience advising grapegrowers in the field, Ohmart presents the challenges of practicing sustainable winegrape growing. He sheds light on how organic and sustainable farming are related and outlines how integrated pest management fits into a grower’s vineyard practices.

Through identifying and defining vineyard resources, ecosystem management and viewing the vineyard as habitat, readers of this user-friendly reference can learn how to create a holistic vineyard plan.

“View from the Vineyard” was scheduled for publication in hardcover (224 pages) for $34.95 in late August by The Wine Appreciation Guild.

Ohmart said, “For many years growers have been asking me, ‘What is sustainable winegrape growing, why should I care and how do I practice it in my vineyard?’ The intent of my book is not to provide the definitive answers to these great questions, but to provide information, ideas, suggestions and a perspective to consider as one attempts to answer them.”

First trained as an entomologist, Ohmart is the author of “The Lodi Winegrower’s Workbook” and co-editor and co-author of “The Code of Sustainable Winegrowing Practices Self-Assessment Workbook” published in 2002 by the Wine Institute and California Association of Winegrape Growers.

He has written a bi-monthly column about sustainable winegrowing for Wines & Vines since 1998, has authored 34 peer-reviewed research papers in international science journals and presented more than 300 seminars, conference papers and symposia papers at universities, government research organizations and grower groups throughout the world.

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