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Making Industry Contacts in the City by the Bay

October 2009
by Kate Lavin
San Francisco, Calif. -- Harvest had started for some, while others said that picking wouldn't yet happen for weeks -- if not months. But Family Winemakers of California nonetheless summoned its member wineries to pour their wares for a thirsty public Aug. 23-24, as Tasting 2009 got under way.

Doug Circle of Sierra Madre Vineyard said he expected to begin picking during the week of Sept. 7. But he carved out time for Tasting 2009, which marked his first year of pouring at the event within sight of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Tasting 2009 was open to the general public for a limited time Sunday afternoon, and it allowed for a combined 10 hours of tasting time (spanning two days) for members of the trade including distributors, restaurateurs and media.

Good for business
"I take a lot of orders," said Veronica Barclay of Barclay and Browning Wines. "I can't give wine to customers, but I take a lot of checks and credit cards for shipping."

Don Naumann of Cupertino-based Naumann Vineyards agreed that Tasting 2009 was lucrative for wineries. "I think the event was better for us than last year. I don't know if it's busier, but there are better people."

Robin Bogue Family Winemakers
The 2009 vintage will be Robin Bogue's first as lead winemaker at William James Cellars.
Don Naumann Family Winemakers
Don Naumann represents Naumann Vineyards, based in the Santa Cruz Mountains appellation.
Ryan Doglione Family Winemakers
Ryan Doglione of Mariposa Wine Collection discusses Cru Winery and Carmichael Vintners.
Veronica Barclay Family Winemakers
Veronica Barclay of Barclay & Browning Wines says Family Winemakers events boost sales.
Sarah Bennett Family Winemakers
Enologist Sarah Bennett pours Navarro Vineyards' Mendocino County wines.
Doug Circle Family Winemakers
Doug Circle of Sierra Madre Vineyard specializes in Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varieties.
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