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June 2012
Small lot wine pouches
Wright Labels partnered with wine bag maker AstraPouch North America to offer small wineries a low-cost, “do-it-yourself” kit, complete with a label and an unbranded white pouch—equivalent to two standard 750ml bottles—and a 160-bag order minimum. Details:

Demptos announces Chinese glass line
Fairfield, Calif.-based glass company Demptos announced that it’s offering a new line of glass wine bottles made in China. The new line of bottles will feature 14 molds available in three colors: antique, dead leaf and flint. Demptos is an affiliate of Saxco International LLC, a global packaging company for the wine and spirits industry. Details:

Sonoma Cast Stone unveils conical tank
At almost twice the size of Sonoma Cast Stone’s egg-shaped concrete fermentation tanks, the new 925-gallon conical concrete tank offers the same advantages but with more space. Sonoma Cast Stone reports that the tank’s conical design “compacts the cap and forces it into the wine.” A pomace door allows the tank to be used for white and red wines. Details:

JBC releases large bottle corker
JBC’s new large bottle corker is designed to handle 3- to 27-liter bottles. Light enough to be carried by one person, the corker is fully adjustable, 50 inches tall and takes up less than 1 square foot of space. The corker can be purchased with 32mm and 39-42mm compression tubes. A 750ml compression tube is available upon request. Details:

New POS system for wine sales

Harbortouch released a new version of its free point-of-sale system designed for retail wine, beer and liquor sales. A key function of the new system is an age-verification process that prompts cashiers to ask for consumer identification. The system also can differentiate between single drinks and multi-packs at checkout. Details

Separator Technology releases new unit
Separator Technology Solutions, a maker of wine centrifuges and lees clarification equipment, released the STS 95 centrifuge. The STS 95 is designed for medium wineries in the 5,000-10,000 tons per year range and can be mounted on a mobile base to be moved where needed. Details:

Global Package releases new Burgundy bottle
The “Claire” is the new Burgundy style glass bottle by Global Package LLC. The company also announced the release of new spirits bottles. The Claire has a 1.5-inch punt, a 31.5mm capsule top and is available in antique green. Details:

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