Product News

September 2012
by Andrew Adams
New nitrogen doser system
Vacuum Barrier Corp. unveiled its G2 systems, a new line of Nitrodose liquid nitrogen-injection equipment. All G2 systems now come with electric dosing vales for speeds up to 2,000 containers per minute and can be equipped with “directional dose dispersion” blocks. Details:

Raflacoat Pro semi-glass labelstock
The new 60-pound Raflacoat Pro series of labelstock material is semi-gloss and paper-faced, offering “high-bright, high-white appearance” that emphasizes graphics and lettering. Details:

Mavrik rolls out new pumps
Mavrik North America’s new line of rotary lobe must pumps offer up to 135 gallon-per-minute capacity, stainless steel carts, foam-filled wheels, variable frequency drive and 50-foot remote control. The pumps fit 3-inch tri clamps for inlet and outlet. Details:

Tri-Line Quick Start valve
Fogg Filler designed the new Tri-Line Quick Start valve to increase fill speeds in gravity-fed bottling systems for smaller bottles in the range of 30 ml to 1 liter. Details:

Labeltronix releases new materials
Midnight Vellum is a new option for wineries seeking a black background for their labels. The new label material is made with 30% post-consumer fiber and has a high level of wet strength. The new Arctic Classic Crest label material is a waterproof, “chill-proof” option that “can withstand the wettest of wet and the coldest of temperatures in an ice bucket.” Details:

New fermentation tannin available
Scott Laboratories is releasing FT Colormax, a new fermentation tannin, for this harvest. According to company information, the product is a natural catechin “developed for its superior ability to stabilize color” with a special formula making it more soluble. Details:

TeeJet precision satellite receivers
TeeJet has released two new satellite receivers for guiding farm machines. The RX510 is compatible with OmniStar XP, HP and G2 services, and the RX610 works with CORS/Network RTK. Both units are compatible with GPS and GLONASS as well as ClearPath technology. An optional quick-release mounting bracket allows for use on multiple vehicles. Details:

Bird-X releases scarier owl decoy
To curtail crop loss from birds, Bird-X, Inc. introduces what it claims is “the most realistic and effective owl decoy.” Details:

Strahman offers Swivel Pro adapter
The Swivel Pro adapter allows for circular, horizontal and vertical movements of a water nozzle without repositioning the hose. Details:

SC Series by WhisperKOOL
The latest series of wine cellar chillers by WhisperKOOL features a digital controller as well as a bottle probe to measure actual fluid temperature and avoid unnecessary temperature fluctuations in the cellar. Details:

New standard ‘dies’ for labels
Elite Label is now offering standard label “dies,” or the equipment needed to cut the shape of wine labels, to help wineries cut costs on labels. The 10 dies can be used for both wrap-around and front-and-back labels as well as Bordeaux or Burgundy bottles. The tooling is kept and maintained by Elite Label. Details:

New shipping unit keeps pallets cool
Cryopak’s new Pallet Transporter CRT is designed to maintain temperatures between 15° and 30°C for up to 120 hours. The units are designed to be used once or several times and can be assembled by one person. Details:

Economic line of forklifts

The new UTILEV UT25-30P range of diesel and LPG fuel forklifts is now available in select U.S. markets in 5,000- and 6,000-pound capacities. The line is an option for companies that require materials handling equipment but may not need advanced features. Details:

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