Winery & Grower Product News

October 2011
Broyhill introduces trailered sprayer
The ATV-trailered sprayer from Broyhill has a 60-gallon unit with roller pump, 10-foot and 21-foot booms, spray guns and control boxes. Details:

Better Barrel launches wine on tap

Made from fire-bent white oak and hand-assembled, the Better Barrel offers a compact, self-contained system, which includes on-board electronic temperature control and does not require custom installation. Details:

New digital printer from Elite Label

The WS6000 printing press prints twice the number of images in one pass through the press, reducing the cost of production and allowing a larger volume of labels to be printed at one time. Details:

Forston Labs debuts new ethanol tester

Forston Labs introduces a new Mini GC/Lab Navigator product specifically tuned for ethanol testing. The Lab Navigator serves to control, monitor and analyze test results from the GC. Details:

WineTask offers compliance consulting

WineTask provides clients with clear strategies to expedite logistics, handle wine and beverage compliance across federal and state lines and minimize the potential for noncompliance penalties. Details:

Lechler updates Spinner nozzles

Lechler’s redesigned and improved Spinner offers more powerful jet sprays for cleaning small to mid-size tanks in two models, the Micro-Spinner and the Mini-Spinner. It is FDA compliant, making it ideal for the wine industry. Details:

G3 expands production on North Coast

California-based G3 Enterprises has installed a new polylaminate closure line at its production facility in Ukiah. This facility, along with one in the Central Valley, allows G3 to better serve its customers in major wine-producing areas. Details:

Jabsco releases VeraFlex

The VeraFlex flexible impeller cart system offers up to 60 gallons per meter (with variable frequency drive), while incorporating gentle pumping action to carefully handle thin, viscous and particle-laden fluids. Details:

Almatec adds B40 model to Biocor series pumps

The Biocor B40 model features a step-less flow control that operates via air pressure and volume without the need for complex mechanical control units, ensuring maximized output and efficiency. Details:

Low-maintenance printer from Videojet

The high-contrast, pigmented ink used in the 1710 Ink Jet printer from Videojet can apply up to five lines of high-resolution print at speeds up to 888 feet per minute. Details:

Gamajet rolls out The Intrepid

The Intrepid offers fast, easy-to-validate tank-rinsing with 80% less water than the standard spray ball at the same pressure. Details:

Gusmer announces harvest retail store in Windsor

Gusmer Enterprises opened a seasonal retail outlet in Windsor, Calif., specifically for harvest (Aug. 1-Nov. 30). It carries all fermentation-related products manufactured or represented by Gusmer. Details:

Lechler launches M20 tank cleaner

Available in two- and four-nozzle models, the M20 provides high-impact cleaning at relatively low inlet pressures for fermentation and storage tanks. Details:

Flojet heralds next-gen bag-in-box dispensing pump
Flojet, a division of ITT Corp., introduced the new BevJet electric bag-in-box beverage-dispensing pump. It does not require a compressor or gas supply and can be easily installed in locations where venting of a gas-powered pump may be a problem. Details:

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