Product News

March 2012
by Andrew Adams
Thermometer uses infrared technology
The DeltaTrak TCT thermometer is a dual-function thermometer that combines safe, non-contact surface temperature readings using infrared technology. Details:

New wine rack from WAG
The Wine Appreciation Guild is introducing new wine rack cube modules: easy-to-assemble storage units that can be tailored to your taste and space. Details:

Innerstave releases new barrel alternative
The Binsert is a lightweight, stainless steel fixture that holds 20 Innerstave oak staves in an ordinary half-ton plastic bin. Details:

Barrel certificate of quality from T.W. Boswell
T.W. Boswell debuts Grain Recognition Technology (GRT), which scans and records the growth rings of every stave. Details:

New low-profile conveyor stand
Conveyor Technologies’ new Advanced Aluminum Conveyor Stand introduces user-friendly wide-stance leveling pads for increased stability. Details:

Criveller develops auto sorter
Criveller collaborated with Milani of Italy to create an automatic grape-sorting system that consists of two tables in one, with multifunction achieved while the grapes are passing through. Details:

Vacuum wine preserver from Bluecell
This compact wine vacuum features an easy-to-read LCD screen display that indicates seal status, wine temperature and storage time counter. Details:

Dion Label installs shrink-sleeve printing
Dion Label recently installed shrink-sleeve seaming, a 360º tube that shrinks with heat or steam to fit around containers. Details:

Select 100 closure seals age
Nomacorc’s newest closure, engineered with a patented, two-phased oxygen management control, is well suited for wines requiring extended aging. Details:

Airpag premieres new packaging to U.S. market
Air-inflated wine packaging from Shenzhen Airpag Technology Co. offers waterproof, humidity-resistant plastic packaging that is safe for travel. Details:

New Fasson labels from Avery Dennison
Each of the paper facestocks is paired with the Fasson S100R washable adhesive and a recyclable liner made of PET material. Details:

New wine-by-the-glass dispenser
The new dispensing system from Emerald Wine Systems uses vacuum-pump technology that helps reduce waste, eliminate excess packaging and lower freight costs. Details:

G3 introduces GTREE sustainable labels
G3 Enterprises is now offering GTREE, an environmentally sustainable, high-performance wine label paper developed for use on all bottling lines. Details:


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