New Products for the Vineyard

March 2012
by Andrew Adams
Suppliers recently unveiled a host of new products that included ready-to-plant grapevines, chemical treatments, harvesting machines and data systems. The following is a sampling of what’s new for the vineyard in 2012.

New mower/tiller combo

Weed Badger says its new tiller/mower combination allows growers to mow seasonal or permanent in-row cover crops using the mower head and then switch to the tillage head to use other tools. Growers can use the new 4,000 Series to renew cover crops, sweep, rake, weed, perform tillage and incorporate soil amendments. Details:

Transformer soil addition
The Transformer soil addition developed by Oro Agri Inc. reportedly creates a “water tillage” effect by improving water distribution and drainage. Oro Agri says the product is useful for compacted soil to create better water flow for improved soil aeration to stimulate root and plant growth and decrease water stress. The product contains alcohol ethoxylate and can also be used to clean drip lines. Details:

Profil Alsace trellising
The Alsatian trellis system producer has launched full-scale distribution in the United States. Profil Alsace SAS offers a patented cross-arm lock system and steel vineyard posts that are 8, 8.5 and 9 feet tall. Profil says its system features hooks that ensure straight, tight wires and more options for wire placement. The posts and cross arms allow for mechanical harvesting. Profil Alsace partners with Central Valley Builders Supply in the United States. Details:

Duarte Trees & Vines introduced the 24-inch “MagnumVine,” which claims to offer growers bigger, more developed green vines that come into production in shorter time and with uniform growth. The grapevines are delivered in a plastic container with virgin non-soil growing media and can serve as a replant in an existing vineyard. Details:

Harvest Electronics weather stations
Harvest Electronics says its new weather stations offer commercial grade telemetry customizable to any grower’s needs and budget. Stations monitor essential weather information and can be linked to other vineyard sensors. Data is posted online, and alerts based on certain conditions can be sent via text message, voice mail and email.  Details:

New Oxbo harvester machine
Oxbo describes its 6220 grape harvester as the result of a collaborative effort between growers and engineers that offers a new trunk-shaking picking head that delivers improved harvesting speeds and cleaner fruit. Details:

Vicebite fence system
The Australian manufacturer of the Vicebite system says that its product makes it easier to build a secure trellis system. Metal teeth on the front and back of the Vicebite bracket attach the line post to the end post. Initial installation followed by wire tension holds the assembly together. Details:,

Named one of the top 10 new products for 2012 at the World Ag Expo, iCropTrak  for the Apple iPad is a multi-user software system that runs in the field without requiring Internet access. Users can deploy data-collection templates for field spraying, employee timesheets, equipment tracking, field scouting and review infrared vineyard images. Details:

Meristem system
Meristem Technologies reports that it has enhanced its web-based vineyard information management system. The system can now run with accounting software such as QuickBooks and Famous. System subscribers also can now display NRCS Soils and NDVI map layers. Details:

Rejex-it Migrate
This new spray compound, comprised of food-grade ingredients, is designed to be unpalatable to birds without causing any harm. Rejex-it Migrate is made with methyle anthanilate, a flavoring compound used in the food and beverage industry. Details:

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