Wine Industry Metrics


Store Sales and DtC Sales Up; Winery Hiring Way Up

May 2012
by Jim Gordon
Wines & Vines wine industry data center
Our latest data for DtC shipments by winery size show a steady inverse correlation between bottle price and winery size. In other words, the smaller the winery, the higher the price per bottle. The 12-month numbers ending March 2012 are displayed here alongside the March 2011 data, and indicate that the smallest and the largest wineries saw decreases in bottle price, while the middle tiers saw increases. The average bottle price for wineries making 1,000-4,999 cases grew by $6—from $38 to $44, or 16%.
Both off-premise sales and direct-to-consumer shipments grew in solid single digits in March, while winery job activity outpaced March 2011 by 18%. The monthly job index was at its highest point in at least four years, but ironically the rate at which it increased in March was actually lower than the 12-month rate of 25%. The number of jobs posted in the hospitality and retail sector nearly doubled from the February count.



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