Wine Industry Metrics


Cabernet is Top Varietal

April 2012
by Andrew Adams
Wines & Vines flash report
Napa and Sonoma counties led the flash world during the past six months, accounting for more than 70% of all domestic flash offers. Cabernet Sauvignon took the largest share of offers by varietal or type. Of the 2,525 total flash offers from the past six months, 2,069 (or 82%) were from California. Napa was the leader with nearly 1,000 offers, but Sonoma was a close second with 855. By type, the top wine was Cabernet Sauvignon at 741 offers, followed by Pinot Noir at 424 and red blends at 301. There were 75 offers for Sauvignon Blanc, the second-highest for a white varietal. The explosive growth of Moscato does not appear to have reached the flash world, as there were only three offers for that wine.

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