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Wine Industry Metrics Slightly Mixed for April

June 2012
by Jim Gordon
Wines & Vines WI Metrics
Domestic table wine sales increased 11% in the four weeks ending April 15 vs. the same period a year ago. The hot growth was fueled by Easter holiday sales including sparkling wine.
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Prices for the two most popular varietals in DtC shipments from U.S. wineries are down so far this year. Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon both gave up their gains over the last two years, while still selling at prices much higher than their averages at retail stores. Cabernet stayed $27 higher per 750ml than Pinot Noir this year. Average bottle prices for all varietals decreased by 7% to $40.23 in the 12 months through April. The highest average bottle price of $47.95 was reached in March 2010.

Off-premise sales and winery hiring activity grew by 11% and 12% respectively in April, but slightly lower revenues for direct-to-consumer shipments muddled the overall economic picture. The numbers for off-premise sales reflected unusually large growth, and they were exaggerated by the different dates when Easter was celebrated this year and in 2011. DtC shipments continued to grow in volume but dipped in value, indicating that average bottle prices were down.


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