Wine Industry Metrics


New Metrics Up as Jobs Grow

August 2012
by Jim Gordon
Wines & Vines wine industry data center
It's no surprise that average bottle prices for DtC shipments from Napa Valley wineries were the highest among all regions, but it's interesting to see that Oregon wines nosed out Sonoma County for second priciest. These findings compare roughly to those on the opposite page for flash-discounted wines. There, the flash prices for wines grown in the Russian River and Sonoma County AVAs virtually tied those from Oregon's most prominent AVA, Willamette Valley.
Steady growth continued in Wines & Vines' three wine industry metrics during June. The Winery Job Index improved the most compared to June 2011, even though hiring activity reached a peak in May. Retail sales of domestic table wines appeared very stable, with identical 7% growth by dollars for the four-week, year-to-date and 52-week timeframes. Growth by volume was a slower 3% year-to-date, as prices grew 20 cents per bottle. In DtC shipments, average bottle prices vary significantly by season, and June's $31.26 was the lowest this year.


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