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Blue-Chip Cabernets Drive Up Flash Prices

September 2012
by Andrew Adams
flash report
Several flash sites offered high-priced Napa Valley wines in July. Bottles of Harlan Estate, Joseph Phelps Vineyard, Shafer Vineyards and Opus One pushed the average retail price for flash offers higher. The most expensive wine was a 1997 Harlan Estate Cabernet Sauvignon with a retail price of $1,700 and flash price of $930. However, of the 5,226 offers tracked by WinesVinesDATA in the past 12 months, only 1,551 (or 30%) were for wines with a winery retail price of $50 or more. Invino had the most offers for these types of wines with 508 (or 40%) of its total 1,266 offers. The average discount for wine with an average winery retail of $50 or more was 41%, and the average discount of the other 3,675 offers was 38%.

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