Wine Industry Metrics


August Data Reflects Strong Wine Economy

October 2012
by Jim Gordon
Wines & Vines wine industry data center
Consumers ordering Cabernet Sauvignon direct from wineries spent the biggest share of dollars in the most expensive price category during the 12 months through August 2012. Cabernet Sauvignon selling for $100 per bottle and higher accounted for 34% of the varietal’s total sales with $139 million. The second-largest category was $60-$79.99 with $82 million in sales. Cabernet is also the most popular of all varietals sold DtC. The slices of the pie differ markedly from those at food and drug stores.
Wine Industry Metrics for August show a strong domestic wine economy reflected in retail sales and direct-to-consumer sales (up 8% and 6% respectively over August 2011), and winery hiring activity was up 19% as the 2012 crush began. Off-premise sales have stayed above $350 million per month all year. DtC shipments suffered their usual summer slowdown due to fear of heat damage in transit but still grew over the previous August. Winery job postings were way up, too. Only hospitality jobs slipped in August.



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