Wine Industry Metrics


Winery Jobs Lead Metrics As July Shows Positive Signs

September 2012
by Jim Gordon
Wines & Vines wine industry data center
Bottles priced at and above $50 showed faster growth in volume and total sales during the 12 months ending July 31 than those priced under $50. Higher priced wines grew by 11% in volume and 13% in sales, and lower priced wines grew at 6% in volume and 8% in sales. While higher priced wines' volume represented less than a quarter of the under-$50 volume, they generated nearly the same amount in dollars. Revenues were $658 million for wines $50 and up and $697 million for wines priced less than $50 per bottle.
The Winery Job Index grew 63% in July over the same month in 2011, reflecting dramatic growth in winery hiring activity as the harvest season approached. Winemaking jobs in particular grew 139%, while sales, marketing and hospitality jobs increased at slower rates. Several years of regularly increasing domestic wine sales--and the emptying of bulk-wine reserves--have spurred production and increased personnel needs. Off-premise sales stayed steady at 7% growth, and direct-to-consumer shipments grew, though at a lower rate than in the past 12 months.

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