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No Easter, No Problem for Wine Sales

June 2011
by Jim Gordon
five year wine sales siri
Domestic table wine sales at major retailers continued to grow over last year’s pace in the four weeks ending April 17, according to data from the Symphony IRI Group (SIRI). The four-week growth rate slowed to just 2% for domestic wine—possibly because Easter did not fall during the period this year as it did last year—but the 52-week growth in dollar sales was 6%.

SIRI reported that table wines in Segment 7, at $20-plus per 750ml, have been growing rapidly. This trend continued in the recent data that SIRI analyzed from major food and drug store check stand scan data.

April 17 ended the fourth four-week data period of the year, which traditionally includes the Easter holiday, when wine sales usually rise. Doug Goodwin at SIRI said, “We are nearly four months into the year, and the fast start we saw in January sales is still going strong.”

Top 10 brands in Segment 7 in dollar sales are all domestic, except No. 1, Santa Margherita. Goodwin looked closely at the distribution of the top brands and concluded that Santa Margherita had by far the best market penetration at 51%. The nearest competitor in the top 10 didn’t surpass 29%. “It shows there is growth potential for many of these brands by gaining distribution,” he said.

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