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June 2011
by Jim Gordon
wine varietal sales
With 25 months of direct-to-consumer shipments data now collected by the Wines & Vines/ShipCompliant Shipment Model, monthly comparisons over three years are possible. The data show that average bottle prices of Cabernet Sauvignon have recovered well since April 2009, while Pinot Noir struggles with an average bottle price $5 below 2009 levels. For Cabernet Sauvignon, April 2011 sales were projected at 46,000 cases with a value of $43 million. For Pinot Noir, the numbers were 55,000 cases and $26 million. The model weighs millions of DtC transactions against exhaustive winery size numbers in WinesVinesDATA.
April marked seven out of eight months for positive change in all three wine industry economic indicators posted on this page. The lukewarm 2% growth in off-premise sales for the most recent four weeks was backed by a 52-week growth rate of 6%. DtC shipments beat the performance a year ago by the widest margin yet this year. The Winery Job Index beat last April by 10%, representing expanding job opportunities.

direct shipping wine
Off-premise domestic table wine sales at major food and drug stores for the four-week period ending April 17 grew 2% over the previous year, according to check stand scan data.
direct shipping wine
April DTC shipment growth over last year showed the biggest gain so far in 2011. Spring wine club shipments account for much of the spike in March and April.
direct shipping wine reported that winery hiring activity grew by 10% in April from a year ago. The index was more than twice as high as in April 2009.
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