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No Gloom in Sales Or Job Data Through May

July 2011
by Jim Gordon
direct to consumer wine industry data center
WinesVinesDATA examined the market share of DtC shipments of domestic sparkling wine by price category to see how they compare with a graph based on off-premise sales as measured by SIRI (facing page.) Not surprisingly, people who went to the trouble of ordering direct paid more for their bubbly. The differences were so dramatic that it's difficult to find a family resemblance between the two pie charts.
It was difficult to ignore the good news in off-premise sales, direct-to-consumer sales and winery hiring activity as May ended. The late-arriving Easter holiday gets some of the credit for 10% higher off-premise sales reported by Symphony IRI. Whether the holiday might also have boosted DtC sales remained unclear, but it was undeniable that a 17% gain over May 2010 last year was welcome news. A high level of winery job activity is expected in late spring, and the Winery Job Index bore that out with its best May in at least three years.

direct to consumer wine industry data center
Sales at major food and drug stores shot up from April to May this year instead of diving down, as in the past two years.
direct to consumer wine industry data center
DtC shipments skyrocketed this May compared to May 2010. The sharp dip from April to May was seasonal and expected.
direct to consumer wine industry data center
Hiring activity at wineries as measured by warmed up from April to May and stayed well above the 2010 level.
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