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Looking at Invino, Last Bottle and Last Call Sites

October 2011
by Jim Gordon
wines & vines wine industry data center flash report

The Flash Report has been focusing on six leading wine flash sites since it first appeared in the February 2011 issue of Wines & Vines. But our research team, WinesVinesDATA, has been tracking several more flash or near-flash wine sales sites every day for most of this period, and this month we have added three more companies to the group of leading sites. Last Bottle Wines, Last Call Wines and Invino are all active sales sites with many offers per month. Last Call offered 142 wines in August, nearly as many as the ever-active Wines Til Sold Out. Last Bottle had the highest average offer price of $33 in August, which may be good for its winery customers. Invino enjoyed the highest web traffic of the new additions with 93,000 pageviews measured in July by


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