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September Shows Great Sales and Hiring Activity

November 2011
by Jim Gordon
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Any business would be happy to see sales and prices go up at the same time. That's what happened with DtC shipments of domestic wines in September. The big 33% jump in DtC dollar sales in September versus a year earlier reflected a 21% increase in volume sales accompanied by a 10% rise in average bottle price. If the sales trend continues through December, it will have been a great year.
Our three indicators of wine industry economic health collectively hit a growth rate in September that hadn't been seen since at least October 2010. The growth in wine sales at retail and in DtC shipments was clearly driven by consumer interest. DtC shipments for September were way up in volume as well as price per bottle. The big jump in winery hiring activity probably relates more to the first real balance of supply and demand for grapes and bulk wine since 2005.







wine industry data center domestic wine sales
Sales of domestic wines in major food and drug stores grew 7% in September over the same period in 2010. Year-to-date growth was also 7%.
wine industry data center direct to consumer shipments
DtC wine shipments jumped in September by 33% over the previous year as the busy fall direct-shipping season began.
wine industry data center winery job index
Winery hiring stayed high in September, when hiring often dips, as measured 40% more activity than the same period a year ago.
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