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DtC Shipments Grow 31% Over October 2010

December 2011
by Jim Gordon
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The Wine Industry Data Center first brought you this graph in February, but now we’ve updated it with the latest numbers, year to date. It shows again that medium-sized wineries direct-ship more cases than their smaller competitors. Note that the middle tier also significantly surpasses the largest wineries in direct shipments. The biggest brands focus almost exclusively on three-tier sales. These figures, expressed in thousands, reflect total shipments of 9-liter case equivalents.
The spike in DtC shipments stands out as the most dramatic news in the Wine Industry Data Center this month. A 31% gain in the value of October DtC shipments over last October is impressive, but since last year’s results were already up by the same 31 points over October 2009, the newest numbers are even more positive. Domestic wine sales at retail stores continued to grow at a very healthy pace of 8% during the most recent four-week period, according to Symphony IRI. Winery job activity grew 10% over last year, too, despite the normal seasonal decline.








Wine Industry Data Center Wines & Vines
Dollar sales growth in domestic wines at major food and drug stores reached 8% for the most recent four-week period as the holiday sales season approached. Year-to-date growth was 7%.
Wine Industry Data Center Wines & Vines
The trend line for the value of DtC shipments in dollars went nearly vertical in October, growing 31% over October 2010. Sales were $197 million.
Wine Industry Data Center Wines & Vines takes the pulse of winery hiring activity monthly. While dipping from September, the October Winery Job Index was 10% higher than it was in October 2010.
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