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Seasonal Uptick for Some Online Retailers

February 2012
by Andrew Adams
Wines & Vines Flash Report
As 2011 came to a close, some of the flash sites tracked by Wines & Vines exhibited an increase in offers to clear out inventory and take advantage of the traditional surge in wine buying that accompanies the holidays. Invino, in particular, posted more than three times as many offers in December than it did in July as it conducted an inventory clearance sale. Lot 18 steadily increased its number of offers from October through the end of December for a high of 183, giving it the second-highest number of offers in December. Invino and Lot 18 posted multiple offers per day in December. Wines Til Sold Out, however, had the highest total number of offers in the past six months with 898. The average bottle price from the flash sites with the most offers in December was $28.89.
Wines & Vines Flash Report
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