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Winery Job Index up 53% As Vintners Hear Good News

March 2012
by Jim Gordon
Wines & Vines wine industry data center
Wines priced from $20-$39 per bottle took the biggest share in both dollars and volume among five price tiers of wines sold via DtC shipments. The most expensive tier grabbed nearly as much dollar share, however. Data for 12 months through January. Source: Wines & Vines/ ShipCompliant Model
Lots of good news reached the wine industry in January, as speakers at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium reported low bulk wine inventories and high demand, confirmed that the U.S. is still the No. 1 wine market in the world and hailed increased exports. It may not be a coincidence that winery hiring activity as measured by started the year much higher than the past three. Retail sales in major food and drug stores and direct-to-consumer shipments both kept up their recent growth streaks, too, growing 6% and 3%, respectively.

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