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Industry Databases

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Distributor Database Search
  • Select specific distributors by name
  • How the distributor name selector works:
    • To use this selector:
      • Start typing a distributor name into the "Find" text box.
      • When you type the third character, a list of options should appear
      • Click on the name you want and it should appear in the "Selected" box
      • Repeat this process to select multiple names
      • Click on the red 'X' in the "Selected" box to remove a name
    • This selector ultimately selects a single distributor, even though it shows parents and brands in the drop list to enable that selection.
    • So, when you return to the Select page, the Selected Distributor Names box will echo the name(s) of the distributors selected.
    • This is the case even though you may have selected that distributor by clicking one of its brand or parent rows from the droplist.

 Distributor Database Search - March 2017
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