January 2018 Issue of Wines & Vines

Capsules: New decorative options help extend packaging strategy to entire bottle

by Andrew Adams

The capsule at the top of a bottle is a valuable piece of real estate for brand managers to develop as part of the overall appearance of a bottle of wine. New printing techniques, colors and materials can help the top of the bottle match the label for stand-out presence on the shelf.

Amcor partnered with Napa, Calif.-based VinPerfect to develop laser engraving to decorate the company’s Stelvin line of capsules. The engraving can be as small as 50 microns and used to create detailed artwork or designs on the top of capsules. VinPerfect is available on standard and custom capsules with a minimum order of 1,350 pieces. 

After partnering with the anti-counterfeit firm SICPA, the French supplier Lafitte Cork & Capsule, which has an office in Napa, Calif., now offers special ink that can deter counterfeiters. The ink can be incorporated into custom artwork on capsules and is applied at the company’s factory in France. Anti-counterfeit markings on capsules can be either “covert”—invisible to the naked eye and authenticated with a handheld device—or “semi-covert,” and authenticated with an ultra-violet light or the SICPA “Oasis” identification tool. 

The newest option from Maverick is an emboss and hot-stamp feature. The Ukiah, Calif.-based supplier reports its enhanced embossing provides a high-quality hot stamp to add an artistic element with thicker lines and more substance while “maintaining a bright and bold raised feature” on the top of capsules. 

A new digital-printing option for polylaminate capsules can produce multiple-color logos or brand imagery. The American Canyon, Calif.-based supplier is also now offering a polylaminate capsule in the new shade of “Luna White” that can be further customized with embossing or hot stamping. 

Battistella Capsule 
Italian supplier Battistella Capsule operates a facility in Fairfield, Calif., and has developed a method for applying thick ink printing to capsules to create an embossed effect that remains elevated after the capsule is applied to the bottle. The supplier reports it has developed a new printing machine (still in the prototype stage) that can print the thick, quick-drying ink. 

California Capsules
Part of the U.K.-based Erben packaging group, California Capsules in Paso Robles, Calif., developed and debuted an aluminum closure called Alusof, which it describes as offering the same appearance of a tin capsule but at much lower cost. The capsules are available in custom and stock colors with up to four-color top and side printing. California Capsules also recently lowered its minimum order quantity to 2,500 for all tin capsules and 30x60 mm screwcaps. 

Founded in the Rioja region of Spain, Rivercap is sold in the United States through Benicia, Calif.-based Cork Supply. The supplier recently unveiled a four-color finish it’s calling Quatro Arte, which prints complex color combinations and patterns on tin capsules. 

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