Wine History of the Eastern U.S.

New book documents growth of Eastern wine industry

by Andrew Adams
eastern wine
Wines & Vines contributor Hudson Cattell wrote “Wines of Eastern North America.”
San Rafael, Calif.—The number of wineries in the eastern United States has grown almost exponentially since the 1970s.

Hudson Cattell, one of the founders of Wine East and a contributor to Wines & Vines who has more than 35 years’ of wine-writing experience, documents the rapid growth of the Eastern wine industry in his new book “Wines of Eastern North America.”

The 235-page book published by the Cornell University Press features several appendixes that offer a detailed and comprehensive look at what Cattell describes as the remarkable growth of the industry in the East since the 1970s.

“Over the years I have been fortunate enough to have known, and in many cases interviewed, nearly everyone who has played an important role in the development of the industry,” Cattell says of his work. “The insights gained from having known these pioneers have been invaluable in my research and writing.”

The book begins with the rebirth of the eastern wine industry after the repeal of Prohibition and then covers the grapegrowing and winemaking research that follows as well as the colorful personalities and local controversies that marked the eastern industry through the decades.

Throughout the development of the eastern wine industry, Cattel notes the most predominate theme has been the ever-increasing quality of wine. This wine quality is supported by research at eastern universities such as Cornell University and better business management and wine marketing on the part of the wineries.

Cattell documents his research with a detailed bibliography and also offers a state-by-state history that documents the wineries; winemakers and growers who helped revive or start the industry in their home states.

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