Kluge Saga Continues in Virginia

Piedmont Virginia Community College names viticulture program for Patricia Kluge & Bill Moses as it strips name from sciences building

by Linda Jones McKee
The Kluge-Moses Science Building at Piedmont Virginia Community College will be renamed the PVCC Science Building.
Charlottesville, Va.—When the Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyard in Charlottesville, Va., went into foreclosure in October 2010, Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC) had a problem. On Sept. 16 of that year, the college had named a new science center on campus the Kluge-Moses Science Building, in recognition of a $1.2 million gift Patricia Kluge and her husband William Moses made to PVCC in 2005. Their gift was the largest single contribution ever received by the school, and it allowed the community college to outfit the building with expensive technology it otherwise would not have been able to afford.

When the Kluge Winery, owned by Kluge and Moses, was sold at auction in 2011, it was unknown whether their gift to PVCC had been paid in full. As of today, we know the answer: it was not.

This morning PVCC's board and the college’s president, Frank Friedman, issued a press release announcing that the viticulture program at PVCC will be named the “Patricia Kluge and William Moses Viticulture Program.” The Kluge-Moses Science Building will be renamed the PVCC Science Building, at least until another large-scale contribution is received by the college. According to Friedman, PVCC “policy requires a gift of $1 million to name the building.”

Friedman recognized the contributions of Kluge and Moses to PVCC’s viticulture program, and stated, “their passion for the wine industry was felt throughout Virginia, and their early support was instrumental to the success of PVCC’s viticulture program. Thanks to their generosity, the Kluge-Moses Foundation’s $600,000 gift to PVCC is one of the largest ever received by the college.”

Recognizing the renaming opportunity presented by the PVCC Science Building, the PVCC board requested Friedman and the development office “seek long-term donor support to benefit the outstanding and innovative science and health science programs at PVCC.”

In 2011 Donald Trump purchased The Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyard property from Farm Credit of the Virginias and renamed it Trump Winery. The acquisition, which included the winery and 776 acres of land, cost Trump $6.2 million or less than $8,000 per acre. Trump retained Kluge as vice president of operations and Moses as general manager of the property. Kluge left the Trump Winery in June 2012. She and Moses now live in New York.

Posted on 11.20.2014 - 09:53:46 PST
Not everybody likes Pat Kluge, but she and Moses built a first class winery / tasting room in VA. The tasting room and surrounding area is beautiful. I visited twice in 2007 / 2008. In regards to the wines, I thought the white and sparklers were great. The reds were fine. I am sure over time they will improve. I had some of the reds from Barboursville this summer and they were good. Pat had a lot of money at one point, and it seems she didn't manage it properly. IMHO, Trump worked out a great deal, but I believe he should be selling grapes to other producers, and keeping a portion to make high-end ($25 to $50 a bottle) white, sparklers and reds, in small quantities. Say 10,000 cases total. Then these wines are sold through the mailing list and in the tasting room. Just my $0.02.
Josh Moser